Itzy’s First World Tour and their July Comeback with “Checkmate”

Itzy’s First World Tour and their July Comeback with “Checkmate”


Great and exciting news was shared about ITZY’s comeback in July with mini-album “Checkmate” as per their official Twitter account it’ll be exactly on Friday 15.07.2022 at 1PM KST! On the same day of the release of their comeback, ITZY will perform their comeback special on Mnet at 7 PM KST.

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Not only that ITZY have announced their comeback but also, they dropped a schedule for July's comeback along with ITZY's first world tour which will begin in Seoul starting from 6Th to 7th of August and then on October the 26th  ITZY will head to U.S for their first world tour where they’ll perform in 8 different cities, their first stop will be at LA and through their tour they’ll pass by 7 more cities the last one announced was New York, and more is expected as per JYP entertainment!

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

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Can it get more exciting! Don’t miss the updates with the teasers’ release on the 11th and 12 of July!

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