It's Dinner Time!

What’s on your dinner table, Seoulmates? 🥘

After today’s session, you’ll feel comfortable inviting your loved ones to your amazing dinner table 🤘

1. 저녁시간이야!: It literally means ‘It’s dinner time!’ 😚

2. 밥먹자: This old-fashioned term is such a friendly way to invite someone to meal time. You can use it whenever - breakfast, lunch or dinner 🍳🥪🍲

3. 배 안고파?: Now it becomes bit more formal! By asking whether the other party is hungry, you kind of suggest that you want to eat. Still no clue? Seoul Box prepared a real-life example for you👌 Scenario: You and your friends are talking for 2 hours and it’s not likely to end soon. You realized that it’s already 2pm. You interrupt the convo, and carefully say: 배 안고파? 🤭

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"상황과 순간마다 감정은 너무 달라서, 매 순간 고민하는 것이 삶이라고 생각한다."

"Emotions are so different in every situation and every moment, so I think to agonize every moment is what life is."

Fulfill your korean moments, Seoulmates 💪

Suga, BTS