Introducing you to the world of Kimchi - 5 variations you'll love to try out

Introducing you to the world of Kimchi - 5 variations you'll love to try out

Nabak kimchi: Water KimchiKimchi, a fermented vegetable dish, goes with nearly every meal served in Korea. Recipes and types have many variants, using various vegetables such as cabbage, radish, and cucumber. Kimchi's health benefits have been scientifically established and the global interest in this Korean food is growing.

Which variation of Kimchi do you want to try the most?


1. Baechu Kimchi: Original Kimchi

The most popular kimchi that most Koreans enjoy, it is made of a whole, uncut salted cabbage mixed with Korean chilli powder, garlic, fish sauce and other spices, which is then left to ferment.


2. Nabak Kimchi: Water Kimchi

It is a less fiery kimchi type, with both cabbages and radishes. Using a lot of kimchi stock, because of the addition of sliced fruits like apple and pear it tastes sweeter than other forms of kimchi.


3. Kkakdugi: Diced Radish Kimchi

The basic ingredients used to produce this kimchi are similar to those used to make baechu kimchi, except for the use of radish rather than cabbage.


4. Oi Sobagi: Cucumber Kimchi

On spring and summer days, this kimchi is favoured, as the crunchy texture and juiciness of the cucumbers offer a refreshing contrast of kimchi.


5. Baek Kimchi: White Kimchi

If baechu kimchi is on your shoulder the spicy devil who urges you on to culinary thrills, white kimchi is the angel lying on your other shoulder. The method is similar but it uses milder ingredients — no hot pepper flakes.

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