5 Korean Webtoons You Must Check Out

5 Korean Webtoons You Must Check Out

Webtoons are extremely common in Korea. (Webtoon : Korean comics which are published weekly online). Popular Korean portal sites like Naver, Daum and Lezhin have huge communities that come to enjoy those comics online every day. Some webtoons even fit into your favorite K-Dramas! (Have you checked our K-Drama box?) Here is a list of some of the best webtoons available out there.


1. Dice

What if you could restart your life just like a game with another setting? Dong Tae's classmates still bullied him. But at school, Tae Bin, who sits next to him, is beautiful and famous. One day Tae Bin proposes to play a little game with Dong Tae. At what degree is the game going to change his life? Dice follows Dong Tae's storey trying to change his life, but soon things get complicated whe



2. Orange Marmalade

Mari Baek, a young high school girl is trying her utmost to conceal her vampire identity in a world where humans accept the presence of vampires but detest and discriminate against them. Her plans to live a normal school life turn over when she bites a especially sweet-smelling, vampire-hating boy. As she starts asking if she likes him, things continue to get complicated when the boy continues to fall in love with her.



3. Tower of God

Tower of God is about a child, Twenty-fifth Bam, who's spent his life trapped under a mysterious tower, with only his friend Rachel to keep him company. All he wants is to stay with her, but Rachel wants to come to the top of the House. She embarks on her journey and leads Bam, as they climb the Tower, facing challenges.




4. Cheese in the Trap

Hong Seol is a hard-working college student who has just returned to school after a long break. Jung Yu, known as “Mr. Perfect” is a senior student, who turns Seol Hong’s life upside down when he starts to meddle in it.


5. Save Me

This webtoon is new but has a lot of popularity and incredible art. So, I added that to the list. The series tells the storey of seven boys from high school who have become best friends since. They have gone different ways since high school and now each of them ends up in unhappy circumstances. After two years Seokjin returns to Korea and finds his long-time friends in very difficult circumstances. He asks where it all went wrong and attempts to understand why it all went wrong. He starts wishing to turn back time and correct the errors that contributed to all this misery. Can Seokjin save any one of them? Does his ability to get it right mean anything? Would he be too late to save everyone?


What's on your read list?

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