International Dating: What is it like Dating a Korean?

International Dating: What is it like Dating a Korean?


You've definitely developed feelings for the Korean guys or girls who sing K-pop songs or appear in K-dramas or simply you have traveled to the country and have fallen quite in love with someone you met while on vacation. There are absolutely some things you need to be aware of to ensure your success, from distinctions in South Korea's dating culture to social conventions from those of other cultures.

In the beginning of dating, South Korean culture differs a little from that of many other nations. When a guy or girl is interested in a potential date, they will typically approach them and start a discussion, even if they are a complete stranger.

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In South Korea, especially if you are a visitor or a new resident who is obviously not from South Korea. Young  guys are often quite shy when approaching strangers, whether they be men or women, thus it is doubtful that you will be approached by any of them. That doesn't imply they wouldn't welcome your approach and introduction, though!

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Couples in South Korea love using their smartphones for social networking, texting, phone calls, and other forms of continual connection, they will be all day texting each other, sending pictures of their food or activities, meanwhile they are not on working hours, so texting it's part of their dating culture, so don’t feel you’ll look too intense if you keep texting your date at any time, actually this is the way to go.

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If by any reason you missed replying or telling your date how your day is going, they might take it as if you are mad or no longer interested.

On a date, just like in many several western countries, guys are intended to pay for the first date, Koreans take it to the next level by paying as well every subsequent date, so hardly, you will have the  chance to pay for any date. Dating a Korean girl, will be the other way around as they are used to being invited on dates, an international guy would need to accommodate to their dating customs and pay for the bills when going out.

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But well, this will not always be true, some new generations have a more modern approach to different dating customs, and yes, they will still be going to pay for the meal on a first date but will be open for his partner to pay for a coffee later on the day. So says, splitting the bill will be possible when dating a Korean. All this can be related to cavalry, when in a relationship, Korean guys often desire to play a role of protection, responsibility, and respect. And this also applies to guys dating a Korean girl, she will expect you to be this way and in a certain way be her Oppa.

Celebration of Love

Koreans do have a unique way to celebrate love. Once you are dating you will have several days and ways to do so, along with your one-month anniversary, your partnership will also be marked by milestones of 100, 200, 300, and one year. Additionally, there are several enjoyable national love festivals celebrated in South Korea.

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There is a love festival for everyone, regardless of your preferences, from Valentine's Day (February 14) to Kiss Day (June 14) to White Day, a holiday where you're supposed to give your sweetheart chocolate (March 14) and even a quite unique one called Pepero Day (November 11) in which you may absolutely show someone you love your affection on this day.

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Cute International Korean Couples

Jin & Hattie

This well-known couple will captivate you with charm, comedy and cuteness while enjoying their lives by acting on each other's reactions, whether it's by playing a linguistic game or making each other envious in a cute way. Hattie is from UK and has been an English teacher in Korea.

With 1.8 million subscribers, the couple share the bts of their life as an international couple.


Through the website "interpal," Lina found her soul mate while she was an exchange student in Korea. After asking for ideas for local coffee places, Lina requested him to join her and later that day they met at a Starbucks.
Lina shares her views of Korea through her Instagram account and her YouTube Channel.

June of Dasha
Their bond is special, and their affection for one another is obvious.
With their day-to-day videos, June and Dasha, this Russian-Korean couple are gorgeous with plenty of romanticism akin to that found in fairy tales. 


Jay & Sasha
This is another Russian-Korean couple with an unbreakable bond since 2014 and together they have a YouTube channel with 2.74 million and an Instagram account with 280k subscribers where they share couple life vlogs, language lessons, couple pranks, challenges, and much more contents it is worth watching. Goals!


Mozzarella Girl & Oppa
The Italian-Korean couple have a YouTube channel with 144k subscribers n which they share travel, life, love, daily routines and adventures. Their genuine connection is worth watching, if you've been dating an international person, you will definitely relate to each other's difficulties in picking up the other's language. 
YouTube Channel


Now knowing all the perks of being an international couple, would you still consider dating a Korean guy or girl, or their dating customs is something that might take a step back? Share with us your thoughts or experience if you already have dated someone from South Korea.

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