The K-beauty world is always changing from the glassy skin look, dewy skin look, bee venom products, to snail mucin products. With K-beauty always rotating what’s in the “In" it maybe a little over whelming, but worry not your Seoul Box buddies are here to  give you  insight of popular 2021 summer products.

With everyone wearing mask due to Covid over a long length of time can cause the skin to get irritated and eventually breakout which is called “Maskne". Either from wearing makeup, sun screen, not washing or throwing away mask like you should, which all can cause maskne.  Brands are making it easier for people by creating a mask that’s made from antibacterial material. Using products that offer a skin barrier as well as gentle water base cleanser is another great way to counter act maskne.

Since the face is covered up by mask now a days people have been focusing on the eyes. Therefore make up products such as mascara for a more dramatic look, eyeliner to give the eyes more depth, eyeshadow to make the eyes pop and stand out and to match your outfit and or mood, brow makeup to get that perfect symmetrical shape , concealers to brighten those eyes, and lashes are high in demand.

Another trend in the K-beauty world is Kimbucha. Kimbucha which is a world wide popular healthy drink that is fermented tea; good for insides but your outsides as well. From Kimbucha sheet mask to help with brightening of the skin, to a thicker than normal toner that gives intense hydration. These fermented products will be the talk of the summer.

Even though the lips are covered over with a mask non transferable lipstick/ lip tents is super trendy. Who wouldn’t love wearing a long lasting lipstick that doesn’t make your mask all yucky?


A popular anti-inflammatory product is houttuynia cordata or for a shorter easier name “heartleaf" calms the irritated skin. Heartleaf is high in antioxidants, and is a skin soother. So we recommend  a heartleaf toner, essence, or even a sheet mask and adding it to your skin care routine.

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Author  Kathy Rogers

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