I-LAND UPDATES: What happened to the remaining trainees of the survival show I-Land?

I-LAND UPDATES: What happened to the remaining trainees of the survival show I-Land?


It’s been more than a year since the survival program was aired by Mnet. The show debuted the best-selling 4th gen group Enhypen. 

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The show had 23 trainees but only 7 of them were able to make their debut. What happened to the rest?

We did some digging as we too are curious about where the other talented boys are right now! Let’s get into it! 


We are all familiar with their name now! The group that sold millions of albums and has their track Polaroid trending on various platforms including TikTok! 

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Members Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Niki were all part of the show which made the breakthrough and were able to showcase their talents as they made their debut in September 2020. 


The only Vietnamese trainee that stole the show with his bright smile and skillful dance moves, Hanbin finally made his debut! 


He is part of the group TEMPEST that debuted on the 2nd of March. Hanbin is the hyung of the group as he is the eldest member. The group has 7 members and debuted with the song “Bad News!”

Hanbin performed "Flame On" with Jay and Niki from Enhypen in a unit test.

  • JUST B

Geonu and Chu Ji-min, who goes by the name JM now debuted in the boy group Just B. 

They debuted last year in June and made their first comeback in October with their first album single “Just Beat.” Their title track is “Tick Tock”

Geonu’s vocals were highly praised by the producers during I-land and did a duet of BTS’s Butterfly with Heeseung as a vocal unit.  


Youngbin was in a unit with Sunoo and Jake during the first episode where they performed TXT’s Crown together. During the show, Sunoo said that Youngbin and he are pretty close.  

He was the first to be revealed as a member of Blank2y and they are set to debut later this year. The group consists of 9 members and is well diverse with one Chinese and one Japanese member. 

Youngbin was featured in CIELOGROOVE Project Vol 2 and released a song titled “Yellow”

  • &AUDITION boys 

The four-member group consists of K, Nicholas, EJ, and Taki who are all from the TV show I-land. Their debut date is set to be this year under Hybe Labels Japan. 

K was in the final round but sadly did not make it to debut, he performed in various units with the Enhypen members and is good at dancing as he led most of the trainees.

K is praised by the producers when he choreographed One of a Kind by Big Bang, and is the most iconic video of him.

Nicholas and Taki are both known for their dancing. Taki did locking when he was younger whereas Nicholas is a street dancer. 

As for the rest of the trainees, some of them have their own personal Instagram accounts. 

Seon has been making mixtapes and posting them on Soundcloud and goes by the alias “ON.” 

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Taeyong has an Instagram account.

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Kyungmin used to have an Instagram account which is now deactivated. He was formerly part of the &AUDITION group but left due to personal reasons. 

The rest are under the radar, however, there are rumors that Daniel is a trainee under Pledis Entertainment. He is said to be taking practical dance in Hanlim Arts School and to graduate in 2025 but is yet to be confirmed. 



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