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Fans are fascinated by stunning visuals as Trainee A’s newest member, JJ was revealed!



It’s no secret that Hybe has a new boy group in the making! Since early this year, the boys have been frequently uploading dance videos and vlogs on their YouTube channel.


Occasionally, they also have been posting selcas on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. This pre-debut group consists of 6 members Leo, Sangwon, James, Jihoon, Inhyuk, and now JJ!


Originally from Hyōgo Prefecture Japan, this Korean-American trainee was only 9 years old when he became a member of a Japanese dance group named Amezari Red Stars that debuted back in 2015. Upon his former group disbanding JJ then moved to Korea to chase his dream of becoming an idol.



JJ was introduced by members James and Jihoon through a birthday message video dedicated to Leo. A day later, a dance video of JJ and James was released on their YouTube channel following with JJ’s first solo dance video!



Not long after, videos and photos of pre-debut JJ went viral and were found all over the internet. Dancing is no stranger to JJ as videos of his rhythmic body expressions reveal his dancing talent begins to circulate.

The group is set to debut in 2022 under the label Hybe, while still brushing up on their skills as trainees, they share their journey as the beginning of their successful career.




In presenting their talents and charms, netizens are eager to see more from this captivating new group!


What do you think about JJ's charms? Let us know in the comments!


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