If you plan to travel to Korea right now, you must know that quarantine is mandatory. It went from 14 days in October, to 10 days until January, and currently, it’s down to 7 days.

Nevertheless, the number of days in quarantine will depend on the COVID-19 situation, and we advise you to check the latest news on this website. 

It’s time for you to fly to Korea, and there are a few things you need to do before getting on board. 48h prior to your flight, you need to get a PCR test done and have the results printed.

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You will also need a K-ETA to be able to enter the country. You can do yours here, and we recommend also doing it 2 days prior to entering Korea. The K-ETA isn’t necessary if you have a Visa though.

Then, it’s already the departure day, get comfortable clothes, and in no time, you will be in Korea. You will generally arrive at the Incheon Airport, and once you’ll be out of the plane, the COVID-19 precautions will take place. 

As soon as you’re out of the airplane, and inside the airport, you will have different lines where you get your temperature checked along with some papers, which are usually handed out during the flight.

You’d therefore get a sticker put on your passport which indicates that you have been tested negative by a PCR test. Then you’ll go to another spot where they will ask for one of the papers. They will, at that point, call the number of the person you put as a contact. Also, you will have to download the Self-Quarantine app on your phone, we’ll explain how it works afterward. 

Once this is done, you’ll go through the immigration process that will ask you what’s your purpose of visit. This will be a 2 step and they should ask for your K-ETA (or Visa if you have one). After those 2 steps are completed, you’ll receive a cardholder that you wear around the neck.

You’ll then pick your luggage up, and put the customs declaration into the box it goes in. Then, you’ll be going through 2 new places inside the airport where you will wait for a bus to pick you up. It can take quite a bit of time. 

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Once the bus arrives, you’ll get in and go to the government facility for the quarantine period. As an information, you can’t pick which facility you’ll go in. If you travel with friends, each of you will have their own room.

When entering the hotel, you will have a new paper to fill out, with basic information, and also what type of diet you want to receive for the meal (normal, vegetarian, without pork) and also specify any allergy you may have.

Line by line, people will then go to pay the quarantine fee, around 1,200,000 won for 10 days, before receiving your room pass. You’ll then have to go to your own room. Once in it, you’ll only be able to go out of it to take the meal delivered right beside your door. 

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In your room, you’ll already have water bottles, a thermometer, and other supplies, each hotel may have different items. You’ll get 3 meals a day, which are mostly salty meals. You can call the staff number to get some supplements such as water bottles, coffee or tea, new towels and so on. 

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If you are used to snacking, consider bringing snacks in your suitcase! You can only order snacks and food that have an expiry date that’s more than a month such as ramyun and chips.

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Every morning before 10 AM, you’ll have to fill up the Self-Check on your phone to put your temperature and if you have any symptoms. You may also hear an announcement over the speaker in your room to remind you about the check-up between 9 and 10 AM each morning. Another check-up is needed around dinner time. 

3 days before the end of the quarantine, you’ll have a paper to fill out to tell you which transportation you would prefer to use between the choices given. A free bus is available and will lead you to a subway or main bus station. You will also have a PCR test on that day, that will be your ticket to freedom. 

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The day before the end of your quarantine, you’ll receive a call from the staff to ask for confirmation about your transportation choice. For us, the bus was leaving around 7 AM so we also packed all our luggage on that day. The day you leave, the staff is the one that will pick you up at your door, except if told otherwise on the phone. You’ll then be free to go out after giving back your door pass. 

Once out of the bus, it’s finally time for freedom! But a PCR test is only working for 48h, so we suggest you convert your vaccine pass to a Korean one by going to a Public Health Center with your 2 or 3 shots of vaccine and your passport. You’ll also need a Korean number for this. 

And that’s it! You can now enjoy your trip to Korea ♥ 

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