How To Cook Samyang Topokki

How To Cook Samyang Topokki

Samyang’s Buldak Hot Chicken Flavor Tteokbokki (or Topokki) is one of the more recent finds during a trip to the market. This simple Topokki formula includes delicate and chewy rice cakes covered in an overpoweringly heavenly sauce, to provide you with a serious eruption of umami flavor in each bite. This one-skillet meal is magnificently simple to make yet stacked with soothing flavors to spoil your taste buds. One bowl of topokki nearly costs equivalent to a 5-pack of ramen! It very well may be somewhat elusive as some Asian supermarkets have it and some don't, which is one of the drawbacks to shopping in actual business sectors.

What's In A Bowl of Tteokbokki?

Tteokbokki (떡볶이), also known as dukbokki, topokki, or ddeokbokki, is an extremely popular street food item in Korea with many different variations as well as rich history. Samyang's Buldak Tteokbokki arrives in a bowl rather than a pack, however shares a similar dark plan found in the buldak ramen. Translating to “stir-fried rice cake”, Tteokbokki is made with garaetteok, cylindrical white rice cakes that have an addictively chewy texture. It's dismal to see our chicken companion crying yet the rice cake on the fork resembles a wiener! Other than that, it's a basic bundle with an okay-looking serving idea. What's remembered for the tteokbokki bowl? In the bowl, there's a pack of rice cakes, fiery sauce, and they even incorporated a spork! Notable for being a definitive solace food or "southern fare" among Koreans, these zesty rice cakes are known for their overpoweringly flavorful taste and surface that is particularly ameliorating to have in the colder climate.

What do you need to make Tteokbokki?

Korean rice cakes (Tteok): The primary part of this formula. I suggest utilizing new rice cakes, yet the frozen kind will likewise function admirably. To get ready frozen rice cakes, essentially splash the rice cakes in room temperature water for around 10 minutes preceding cooking.

Korean fish cakes: Frequently sold frozen in sheet structure. The arrangement is simple - essentially run under warm water for a couple of moments to thaw out to be ready for pan-searing.

Green onion and hard-bubbled eggs: The eggs are discretionary, yet added as an additional layer of solace. You can likewise add ramen noodles relying upon your inclination.

For the sauce: Gochugaru (Korean stew powder), sugar, minced garlic, soy sauce, Gochujang (Korean red bean stew glue), and honey.

How to make the best Tteokbokki

In a couple of first endeavors of making this dish, it's been a test to reproduce the flavor of those served at Korean road food stands. It took two or three pursuits to consummate this formula, however, a couple of fundamental tips will carry your Tteokbokki to a higher level.

  • The critical part of this formula is, to begin with, a liberal measure of stock and sauce and stew it down leisurely to guarantee all fixings are loaded with flavor, just as the wonderful red tones that are huge of this dish. By accelerating this interaction, you will keep the flavors from forming into every fixing.
  • Be imaginative with the discretionary garnishes! Even though rice cakes and fish cakes are the two center parts of this formula, you can add garnishes like noodles (ramen noodles or glass noodles are famous options), hard-bubbled egg, tempura, or dumplings to carry the dish to a higher level.

The sauce is heavenly and fills in as an extraordinary plunging sauce for these garnishes referenced, to give that hot kick in each nibble.

  • For extra umami flavor, supplant water with anchovy or dashi stock. Korean anchovy stock can be effectively made with pre-bundled anchovy stock parcels, or you can likewise make some moment dashi assuming you have any close by.

We hope you enjoy this easy & delicious spicy rice cakes recipe. Happy cooking!

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