How do you eat Dosirak?

How do you eat Dosirak?


Dosirak is essentially a lunch box full of rice and Korean side dishes like kimchi, bean sprouts, dried seaweed, and sausage topped with a fried egg. That is just the most traditional combination for work or school, but there are many others! For picnics, the beloved kimbap is added as well. The box is meant to be shaken and stirred before eating so all the dishes can become one satisfying meal. Dosirak is both the name of the lunchbox and the food that is served within it in South Korea. A dosirak lunch box is typically made from thermo-steel or plastic. They can be a simple box or contain compartments and tiers. Often, these lunch boxes will be filled at home and enjoyed as lunch at work, school, or on a picnic. Some supermarkets and train stations will also sell their own version of dosirak.


Dosirak Lunch Components 

  • Rice – boiled rice
  • Kimchi – fermented vegetables, typically cabbage or radish; a Korean staple.
  • Bean sprouts – mung bean sprouts
  • Sausage – typically Sundae, Korean blood sausage
  • Dried seaweed – in Korea this will be a type of seaweed called Gim, and it will be served shredded.
  • Fried egg – the egg is typically placed on top of the other ingredients. When shaken, the egg should cover the rest of the ingredients.
  • Kimbap – Korean sushi roll, with ingredients surrounded by rice and a seaweed outer layer
  • Seafood pancake – a savory pancake, with seafood such as shrimp and squid added into the batter before it is fried.
  • Rolled omelet – egg batter is poured in layers and rolled
  • Fried tofu – adds great flavor and a crispy, golden exterior to each tofu bite.
  • Glass noodles – a traditional Korean noodle dish, these translucent noodles are typically mixed with carrot, scallion, and onion.

The dosirak lunch box will be loaded up with rice and an arrangement of side dish parts. Except if the lunchbox is isolated by compartments, most will shake the lunch and take care of it prior to eating, so every dish is combined as one scrumptious dinner! A warm dosirak lunch box may likewise contain a piece of soup. What things would you pack in your dosirak? Assuming you might want to add some legitimate Korean cooking into your snacks, then, at that point, look at the scope of Korean food in the UK that we have available at Oriental Mart! Whether you’re traveling to Korea or seeing it on the menu of your favorite Korean restaurant, make sure to add dosirak to your to-eat list! For those of us who grew up with a more essential (and might we venture to say exhausting) variant of a stuffed lunch, attempting dosirak is very much an encounter. It isn't simply energizing to arrange a lunch box, yet additionally, the exceptional flavors that come from the blending of side dishes make dosirak a delightful dinner and oddly enough will make you think back to your own youth.


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