How do Koreans Celebrate New Year?

How do Koreans Celebrate New Year?


Koreans celebrate New Year, also known as Seollal, in a variety of ways. It is a time for families to get together and share in traditional activities. Families pay their respects to their ancestors by performing a memorial service, followed by a feast known as sehbae.

Korea Seollal

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Traditional dishes such as tteokguk (rice cake soup) and jeon (Korean pancakes) are generally served, as well as tteokguk (a soup made with sliced rice cakes), mandu (dumplings), and jeon (a type of pan-fried pancake). The Lunar New Year is a time for families to come together and celebrate the new year with traditional customs.

Seollal Food

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The morning of Seollal is spent visiting family and friends to exchange New Year's greetings. Gifts, known as sebaetdon, which usually include food items such as dried fish, nuts, and fruits, are exchanged. During the day, families play traditional Korean games such as yutnori (a board game) and neolttwigi (a seesaw-like game). In the evening, there is a traditional Buddhist ceremony called charye, which is a memorial service for the ancestors.

On the second day of the holiday, people traditionally go out to the countryside to enjoy the fresh air and nature. In addition to these traditional activities, modern Koreans also celebrate Seollal by watching the annual music program held on Korean TV, attending a concert, or simply spending time with family and friends. The most important part of the Seollal celebration is the ancestral rites, which involve paying respect to the ancestors and asking for their blessings.

Korean board games

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Seollal is one of the most important holidays in Korea and is celebrated by most Koreans. The festivities begin on the morning of the first day of Seollal and last for three days.

Some families also watch traditional performances such as Samulnori (a type of percussion performance) or Nongak (a traditional farming music). On the last day of Seollal, families gather again and enjoy a meal called Sehrye. This meal is similar to the Charye ceremony, but it is a more casual affair.

Seollal traditions

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When is Seollal 2022?

On the Lunar calendar, it occurs on the first day. It will occur in 2022 between December 31 and January 3. Seollal also has three days off like Chuseok. The day before, the day itself, and the day after that. 

Greetings for Seollal

Since it's a new year, the phrase "Please have a lot of luck this year" 새해 많이 받으세요 can be used in this context.

Hope you all had a Happy New Year, and we at Seoulbox wish you the best

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