Who does not love candy? Candy flavors differ from country to country and there many interesting types of Korean Candy in South Korea.

Korean Candy

How are Korean Candy made?

Korean Candy are made with a large variety of ingredients such as chocolate, vanilla essence, sugar , corn syrup, food colors and different flavors that makes it sour and spicy as well!

Most of the candies are also made out of non gelatin ingredients as considering people's demand in it!

With so many varieties available, such as, chocolate, honey, and toffee there is definitely something out there for everyone.

Korean candy can come in all sorts of different shapes and forms, and sometimes they come in some rather interesting flavors.

An example of this would be the Lotte Anytime Milk Mint. It has never crossed my mind to combine the flavor of milk and mint together but somehow they work together. I will just add it to my never ending list of things of Korean treats to try. So many things to try, and so little time.


Korean Candy SeoulBox

If you are more on the adventurous side, perhaps you have or have considered making your own Korean candy.

If you want to try making candy for yourself, consider trying out this Dalgona candy recipe.

What is Dalgona Korean Candy?

Dalgona is known by many names such as, sponge toffee, puff candy, honeycomb toffee and many others.

Dalgona is mainly a combination of sugar and baking soda. There is often some sort of image or outline on it and becomes a bit of game for people to try to eat around the outline without breaking the Dalgona completely. 

Dalgona Korean Candy

What is the recipe of our Dalgona Korean Candy!

 1. Try to use Iron or Aluminum Pan

 2. 6-10 tbsp. Sugar ( depends on the size of the candy)

 3. Start stirring and maintain low flame, to get that perfect Dalgona Korean Candy!

 4. Add 1/4 tsp (2 pinch) of Baking Soda once the sugar is melted without any lumps.

 5. Stir for 10-15 seconds until you get that Dalgona Color.

 6. Turn of the heat.

 7. Spread some sugar on a marble or granite surface.

 8. Then quickly pour the mixture over the sugar.

 9. Use a Skewer to hold the candy and place it on the mixture poured.

 10. Rest the mixture for about 3 minutes and Voila!! There it is!!

A perfectly made Dalgona Korean Candy!

If, you are more like me and do not have the patience to make something and are looking for that instant gratification, fear not because SeoulBox has you covered.

Dalgona Korean Candy

In previous boxes we had candy like the Malang Cow Strawberry which was a soft candy that has a slight chewy texture and it tastes like strawberry cotton candy.

We have also had Ghana Chocobar which was almond chocolate bar and it was super delicious. Recently, SeoulBox also had Saekom Dalkom Lemonade candy. It was a soft caramel candy that was lemonade flavored.

Korean Sour Candy

In this month’s spa box, you will find Sour Lemon Coke Jellies. So to all my fellow sweet toothed people out there, SeoulBox has plenty for you to dive into.

Who is ready to eat some candy, because I know I am. Will you try out the Dalgona candy recipe, or have you already tried making your own Korean candy before?

Korean Sweet Candy

If so, how was it and did it turn out as you had hoped? If you have had previous boxes, what was your favorite Korean candy?

So far for me, My favorite was the Ghana Chocobar, it made me wish I had super powers just so I could eat it again, that’s how good that chocolate bar was. Is there any candy or flavor in particular that you would like to try?

Let us know below!


Author - Rian.

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