History of Seoul 1870 - Present

  • 1870s: Nobles rode a vehicle called 'Gama'
  • 1880s: 'Goblin Market' was popular across the Gyeongseong street
  • 1890s: Later years of Gojong, the tragic emperor of Korea
  • 1900s: A commoner's village in Seoul
  • 1910s: Korea was a country of hat and white clothes
  • 1920s: Western missioneries started appearing in Seoul streets
  • 1930s: First class of Gyeongbu train connecting Seoul and Busan
  • 1940s: Jongro 2 street in a rainy day
  • 1950s: War-torned Seoul right after the storm of Korean War
  • 1960s: Korea suffered from tremendous poverty
  • 1970s: With its economy developing, Seoul street became lively
  • 1980s: 1988 Seoul Olympic was the symbol of modern Korea
  • 1990s: Funky street fashions got big in streets of Seoul
  • 2000s: How would we forget all the craziness of 2002 World Cup?
  • 2010s: Protest against corruption of impeached president, Park
  • Present: Beautiful Seoul with lots of interesting history


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