Happy Pepero Day!

Happy Pepero Day!

Pepero Day is celebrated annually on November 11, and is close to Valentine's Day, a festival in South Korea. It includes gifting or sharing Pepero treats, a line of cookie sticks dipped in chocolate, with the intention of showing affection to friends and loved ones.

A range of flavors are available, such as strawberry, tiramisu cheese, and black cookie chocolate. One box is wide enough to share and costs only SKW 900 (US$ 0.79).

There's a game which is called "Pepero Game."
The Play Rule is Each player puts one end of their mouth on the Pepero stick and bites away. They inch their lips closer and closer. The goal is to leave as little of the stick as possible when a kiss on each other is barely planted. The pair with the briefest remaining stick wins while competing in groups!

Here's a video of the K-POP Idols pepero game. Check it out!

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