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Hamburger Macaron's Super Trendy in Korea Right Now

June 06, 2019

Hamburger Macaron's Super Trendy in Korea Right Now

What's your favorite flavor among macarons?


In Korea, hamburger macaron korean big macaronDdung Caron [뚱카롱 • Chubby Macaron] has been incredibly popular since 2017. They have been developing lots of genuine flavors and decorations. So hard working that in fact they even created a culinary version: hamburger macaron! It generated instant reactions - predominantly positive. One girl said "It was the most tasty macaron I've ever had", and another girl replied "It actually tastes like real hamburger. I could feel cheese, bacon and mustard!"








slanted macaron with cheese mustard ham


Here's some other mouthwatering Ddung Carons for you 😊

Which one is your favorite?

character macarons cute bearhand holding three macarons strawberry chocolate vanilla banana

various flavor macarons