Hamburger Macaron's Super Trendy in Korea Right Now

What's your favorite flavor among macarons?


In Korea, hamburger macaron korean big macaronDdung Caron [뚱카롱 • Chubby Macaron] has been incredibly popular since 2017. They have been developing lots of genuine flavors and decorations. So hard working that in fact they even created a culinary version: hamburger macaron! It generated instant reactions - predominantly positive. One girl said "It was the most tasty macaron I've ever had", and another girl replied "It actually tastes like real hamburger. I could feel cheese, bacon and mustard!"








slanted macaron with cheese mustard ham


Here's some other mouthwatering Ddung Carons for you 😊

Which one is your favorite?

character macarons cute bearhand holding three macarons strawberry chocolate vanilla banana

various flavor macarons

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