Groups disbanding in 2021

Groups disbanding in 2021

In 2009, the Korean government created a new law limiting all K-Pop idol contracts to a maximum of 7 years. Whether it is due to their contracts expiring or for their lack of popularity both domestically and internationally.


Here are K-pop group’s will be disbanding!

  • IZ*ONE-

IZ*ONE Debuted in 2018 and was formed through the Mnet survival program, "Produce 48". The group is scheduled to disband by April of 2021, according to numerous reports.  As IZ*ONE's contract is only meant to last for two years, it is highly likely they will disband by April 2021, as the members need to return to their respective agencies and, for the Japanese members, their respective idol groups. 



MAMAMOO made their official debut in June 2014, so June 2021 could be the last month the group will spend together hence they will be discussing contract renewals by June 2021. The members have all debuted as soloists and have successful careers as such. In the past, members such as Solar and Moonbyul have openly spoken about their contract renewals, saying they are unsure about what the future holds. Because of this, fans are worried that the group could potentially be considering disbandment. Some speculate that the group will consider disbanding to focus on their solo careers. 



Red Velvet debuted in August 2014, which means they could face disbandment as soon as August 2021. Some fans believe the Red Velvet members could leave their company when their contracts end due to lack of good solo promotions. However, SM Entertainment rarely formally disbands its groups. Instead of disbanding them, groups are put on an indefinite hiatus, with some members promoting as a soloist or in units. But once members leave the company, it becomes far harder to organize comebacks.



WINNER was formed by YG Entertainment in 2013, but faced several delays in their debut. They finally released their first album and single in August 2014, leading fans to believe their contracts will end in August 2021. Many WINNER fans agree that the group has been treated unfairly for years, starting right from their debut. One member, Taehyun, already left the group in 2016, explaining that he was unhappy at YG Entertainment. The supporters of the group have been outraged with YG Entertainment for mistreating the member’s of the group


By Sharon Lewis

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