Grab Your Aug '20 Idol SeoulBox Magazine

Grab Your Aug '20 Idol SeoulBox Magazine


24 HOURS are not enough, we have to keep going ON and ON, and feel even more ENERGETIC after finishing an entire album. Welcome, you have found your perfect box: SEOULBOX IDOL. Idol has become a symbolic part of Korean culture. In this month, experience which treats idols bring to their fan meetings. One biscuit tastes almost like a sandwich famous amongst idols. The guide is here to help you make most out of your SeoulBox experience.

Snack Highlights

  • Banana Kick - a fave snack of idol members like Jungkook, Jihyo, and Sana
  • A vitamin jelly to keep you energized
  • Classic Korean treats made by masters and local brands

Goody Highlights

  • Two BT21 items to add to your stationery collection
  • An always-angry bear
  • SEOULBOX X DYDYSALON collab! Meet cute characters living in DyDyCity, a small town in Korea
  • A space adventure emblem




Oh-ing? Chilly Shrimp Flavor

A crunchy variation of fried chilly shrimps. Coated with a thick, sweet chilly sauce with a spicy kick

Have you watched '현지에서 먹힐까'? It's a popular TV show setting up food stalls in different countries. This snack is its parody!






Baked Sweet Potato Jerky


Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top and microwave to make it extra special

 A soft treat packed with healthy calories and nutrients. A lot of Kpop star members enjoy it as their mid-schedule top-up





Veggie Cracker

A veggie biscuit - not a rare combo at all for a country of leek cereal!

Inkigayo, a Korean music show broadcast, is famous among idols for its sandwich. Search ‘Inkigayo Sandwich’. This cracker selection is to mimic the taste of the sandwich







Rainy Day Meditation






Suddenly I sense a sweet flavor, just like fresh-made apple jam. Then a sharp cinnamon note spreads like a forest just rained."

A premium tea that expresses a wet forest from a small island in Korea



BT21 Circle Sticky Memo

A round sticky note. Meet cute BT21 characters aspiring to become the best idols in the universe. Korea-limited

Write down anything you want to keep safe




Kakao Friends Emblem Sticker

A space adventure hologram emblem sticker of Kakao Friends

Add a buzz to your daily life with this cute, premium emblem





Banana Kick

A banana-flavored corn puff. The banana taste is so sweet and intense, it almost feels like the snack is coated with banana chocolate!

It’s a snack version of ‘ult bias’ among many idols like Junkook and Jihyo. Try it for yourself!



Bacchus Flavor Vitamin Jellies

Korea's best-known energy drink in a refreshing jelly form. A jelly-in-a-jelly form with a gooey, sweet taste

This is a perfect treat when attending Kpop concerts An instant energy boost!




Real Sesame Egg Ramyun

A unique red ramyun packed with sesame flavors. A great harmony of toasted sesame oil and scrambled egg

Don't forget to miss out on the 3rd seasoning - chilly oil! We know it can be difficult to find it




Calory Balance Cheese Bar

A one-of-a-kind energy bar with a baked cheese bread texture

Many idols are known to count calories. Treats like these make it easier to enjoy tastier and healthier snacks without any worry.


Fruit Gangjeong Bar by KGH

'Gangjeong' is a classic Korean-style energy bar. It's made by Kim Gyu Hen, a nationwide master of classic treats of Korea

Enjoy best by freezing for around 10 to 20 minutes


Custard Cacao Berry Flavor

The crisp, but sweet raspberry filling inside a dark cocoa sponge cake

If we have to express Blackpink in a snack way, this cake will be the one. 'How You Like That' ? 




Dosolchon Gwajul

Gwajul is a Korean pie with popped rice dotted around. Dosolchon is a local snack maker in Jeju famous for its fresh-made Gwajuls with locally sourced ingredients

Pair it with your Boyi Tea


Krispy Roll 15 Grains + 2 Nuts

A soft puff that tastes like a roasted grain powder. Inside is cheesy cream that makes the snack even more addictive

It’s selected as a tasty pun of Seventeen. Express 17 carets in a snack way!


Sambuja Sea Laver

We're featuring Sambuja as this month's sea laver maker. They are a family brand with 40 years of experience in making the best sea laver in the world!

Lightly crush it and sprinkle on top of your Sesame Egg Ramyun



Roasted Sweet Corn Almonds

"The only thing I could think of after tasting this - we should put it in next month's box" - SB team

Mix it occasionally, so that you can get the perfect balance of almonds and baked corns




KBS Ullungdo Pumpkin Yeot

A classic Korean nougat candy made by Kang Bong Seok, He's a renowned Jocheong*master.

*A classic Korean nougat

Good Yeot doesn't stick to teeth. Feel the difference!


Anytime Milk Mint Candy

An eccentric mint candy that looks like ... a mouth!

Take a sweet refreshing moment with this candy



Boyi Tea

A tea with a gentle, woody note. The color changes to dark orange and starts producing a mellow taste with thick body

Pour 100ml of hot water and brew for 1 to 2 mins. If you want to enjoy as cold tea, brew for 5 to 6 mins and stir well before serving


Pengsoo Pencil

A memorable goody with cute Pengsoo characters dotted around

Add FIRE to your stationery collection with Pengsoo


Idol Sticker

A cute sticker featuring a lightstick: the symbol of Kpop stars. Red and blue colors add a unique Korean character to it

Stick it around your belongings





DyDyCity Kpop Edition

We're collaborating with DyDyCity - a cute purple (we don't think it's a coincidence!) postcard

Have some words you'd like to send across? Use the goody



Just like lightsticks, official colors of idol groups are unique and creative. Initially started off as a simple color like orange or pink, official colors have evoLved massively over time. From Neon Red to Earth, meet a whole array of pretty and shiny colors that represents Kpop stars and their fandom



Produce 36

We know it's tough, but imagine you have to stand only 9 groups for the rest of your life. Choose carefully!

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