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The movie’s premiere was full of movie stars and social media influencers, although the star of the carpet was GOT7's Mark Tuan.


Marvel’s upcoming new movie “Shang-Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings” had its premiere on August 16 at The El Capitan Theatre in LA.

Mark published on Twitter a mysterious tweet letting Ahgase know they would be able to meet soon, so it was definitely a great surprise for all of Mark’s and GOT7’s followers to see him appear and glow on the red carpet, making him trending topic on Twitter with #ShangChiRedCarpet_MarkTuan hashtag.


Here you can see fans interacting with him and how happy smiley he is to do so:



Raymond Tuan, GOT7’s K-Pop idol father is very active on social media and was also happy to see his son on the red carpet:



Another highlight of the movie’s premiere was moment Mark met with the former U-Kiss member Kevin Woo.

Mark Tuan attending the red carpet was not the only surprise for GOT7’s fans, Jackson Wang is also part of “Shang-Chi” featuring the movie’s OST, it began as a rumor, but it was shortly confirmed by 88rising on its Instagram account tagging Jackson on the post.



Are you all excited for the movie as well? Leave your comment and reactions.


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