GOT7’ New Self-Titled Mini-Album Reaches First Rank on the Charts

GOT7’ New Self-Titled Mini-Album Reaches First Rank on the Charts


GOT7 had left JYP entertainment company in January 2021, and back at that time they made a promise to Ahgase with a comeback as Got7 in the future, but they didn’t mention when they are going to do this and, they said back then; that they will be dedicating themselves to their solo careers at that time. 

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As after the rain there’s a rainbow and as GOT7 have promised the Igot7 (Ahgase), that no matter what GOT7 is forever, or just like they used to say to the fans “it’s 7 or never, 7 or nothing”, they actually did surprise the fans with a comeback with a new self-titled EP, and it was a quiet long awaited return by the fans that must have missed seeing GOT7 together a lot!

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Got7’s self-titled album has 6 songs which are all doing great on the charts. The Got7 self-titled EP is considered as the first K-pop album in 2022 to rank #1 on iTunes charts (Top album) in 100 different regions, adding up to this achievement, the EP’s title track “NANANA” has reached #1 on iTunes charts (Top Songs) in 71 different regions!

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You can keep up with GOT7’s social media accounts that was relaunched earlier here, and now go ahead & please your eyes and ears with the stunning Got7’s lead signal for the EP, which is also written by JB “NANANA”.

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