Get Ready to Binge - The 10 Best Upcoming K-Dramas for April 2023!

Get Ready to Binge - The 10 Best Upcoming K-Dramas for April 2023!

K-dramas have taken the world by storm. With captivating storylines and impressive casts, it's not hard to see why so many people are hooked on them. If you're looking for something new to watch this April, we've rounded up some of the most anticipated K-dramas set to debut this month. Here are 10 upcoming K-dramas that you won't want to miss! 

The 10 Best Upcoming K-Dramas for April 2023!

Decoy Part 2 - On a mission to uncover a long-forgotten crime, Ku Do Han, a detective, and former attorney, embarks on an investigation. Along the way, he encounters Cheon Na Yeon, an ambitious reporter, and No Sang Cheon, a con artist. As they work together to bring the perpetrator of this mystery to justice, they come closer to discovering the truth.

Release Date: April 7th on Coupang Play

Decoy Part 2 K-drama

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Paper Moon - Yoo Yi-Hwa (Kim Seo-Hyung) has been living a comfortable but unfulfilling life as a housewife with her indifferent husband. She begins working at a bank temporarily to overcome her boredom and discovers renewed self-confidence. Unfortunately, this newfound confidence leads to more dangerous choices when she starts stealing money from her clients.

Release Date: April 10th on ENA

paper moon k drama

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Stealer: The Treasure KeeperSkunk (Joo Won) is a thief specializing in stealing cultural assets and is part of Karma, an unofficial team devoted to recovering and punishing the perpetrators. Meanwhile, Hwang Dae-Myung (Joo Won), a public officer in the Special Investigation Division of the Cultural Heritage Administration, leads an uncomplicated life marked by napping on the job and always looking for a way to earn extra money. For unexplained reasons, he is suspected of being associated with the mysterious thief Skunk, ultimately joining up with Karma himself.

Release Date: April 12th on tvN

stealer the treasure keeper korean drama

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Bora! DeborahYeon Bo-Ra is an acclaimed writer and dating coach known for her sharp wit and observations about love. She finds herself in a complicated situation when she gets involved with Lee Soo-Hyeok, a publishing planner dissatisfied with her views on love. Han Sang-Jin, Soo-Hyeok's friend and business partner, is esteemed for his intelligence and charm, but he prefers not to be in a committed relationship.

Release Date: April 12th on ENA

bora deborah kdrama

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QueenmakerHwang Do-Hee (Kim Hee-Ae) is an accomplished public opinion manager and strategic planner at Eunsung Group. She is trusted by her employers and asked to handle mild cases. After Oh Kyung-Sook (Moon So-Ri), a human rights lawyer, announces she is running for mayor of Seoul to champion the weak, Do-Hee joins her campaign. Despite their opposite opinions, their main objective remains the same: making Kyung-Sook the mayor of Seoul.

Release Date: April 14th on Netflix

queenmaker kdrama

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Dr. Cha - Cha Jung-Sook (Uhm Jung-Hwa) has married to Chief Surgeon Seo In-Ho (Kim Byung-Chul) for 20 years. Despite his strict and sensitive personality, she courageously chooses to restart her medical resident course, which she had abandoned many years prior.

Release Date: April 15th on Netflix

Dr Cha K-drama

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Family: The Unbreakable Bond - Kwon Do-Hoon (Jang Hyuk) is a NIS agent with an impressive record and lethal accuracy as a sniper. He pretends to be an ordinary office worker during the day, keeping his true profession hidden even from his wife, Kang Yoo-Ra (Jang Na-Ra). Despite spending little time together, Do-Hoon loves Yoo-Ra more than anything, and she dreams of having a perfect family life with him. All this is disrupted when Tae-Koo (Kim Nam-Hee) arrives on the scene, shaking their peaceful lives together.

Release Date: April 17th on tvN

Family: The Unbreakable Bond K-drama

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Dr. Romantic 3 - Han Seok Kyu (Dr. Romantic) is set to return in the upcoming season of this popular medical drama. He first made his acting debut in 1990 with Our Paradise and later appeared in other films leading up to 1995. After that, he shifted his attention to movies until 2011's Tree With Deep Roots reignited his passion for television shows. Since then, he has had phenomenal success in series such as Hotel (President Im Hying Bin), WATCHER (Do Chi Kwang), and Recipe for Farewell (Kang Chang Wook).

Release Date: April 21st on SBS

Dr. Romantic 3

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Queen of the MaskA single man brings together four women's lives. Do Jae-Yi (Kim Sun-A) is an ambitious human rights lawyer who defends the weak and takes care of the dirty deeds done by the mayor of Tongjoo City. Go Yoo-Na (Oh Yoon-Ah) moved to the US 10 years ago after being involved in a murder case; now married and with a daughter. When her daughter goes missing, she returns to Korea to confront her three friends who abandoned her 10 years before. Joo Yoo-Jung (Shin Eun-Jung) is the chairwoman of an arts foundation who finds herself in a compromising position ahead of her marriage with said man. Yoon Hae-Mi (Yoo-Sun) is vice president at Mariana Hotel and will stop at nothing to get what she desires.

Release Date: April 24th on Channel A

queen of the mask korean drama

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The Good Bad MotherYoung-Soon (Ra Mi-Ran), a single mother and pig farmer, has raised her son Kang-Ho (Lee Do-Hyun) alone. She enforced a discipline that bordered on tough love in the hopes of preventing him from following in her footsteps. Having made a name for himself as a coldhearted prosecutor and sharing his secrets, he turns away from his mother until an accident causes him to regress to childhood. He moves back to his hometown to start anew with his "bad" mother in this new state. Mi-Joo (Ahn Eun-Jin), his childhood friend with a selfless heart, is the one who helps him adjust and inevitably changes her life in the process.

Release Date: April 26th on JTBC

The Good Bad Mother K-drama

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These 10 upcoming K-dramas will provide hours upon hours of entertainment for fans everywhere! Whether you're looking for some heartwarming romance or exciting action/adventure, plenty of choices here will satisfy any viewer! Be sure not to miss out on these incredible dramas premiering in April 2023—you won't regret it!

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