Learn Korean through Tasty Treats 25: Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki is a popular spicy korean rice cake that you may have seen featured in many #kdramas and #kpop music videos❤️It's hugely popular and very tasty! You may be seeing its surprise snack version in our September box 😉, so keep your eyes peeled 👀 Tag someone you'd love to share this delicious snack with 🤗🙌 #sneakpeak #tteokbokki#koreanstreetfood


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"상황과 순간마다 감정은 너무 달라서, 매 순간 고민하는 것이 삶이라고 생각한다."

"Emotions are so different in every situation and every moment, so I think to agonize every moment is what life is."

Fulfill your korean moments, Seoulmates 💪

Suga, BTS