Free magazine week 4: Four Seasons, Idol

It's the last week of our FREE magazine campaign! Thank you so much for continuing your amazing journey to Korea with us. We can't wait to embark on another exciting travel to Korea with you. Pick your fave month and unlock your special virtual travel to Korea!

This week includes April (and also May due to the shipment delay caused by COVID-19) and to-be-featured May series. Four Seasons of Korea and Idols ... does it sound appetizing to you? 😜


Seoul Magazine is a magazine that comes with every SeoulBox. It's a 12-page guide to Korean culture and snacks featured in SeoulBox of the month.


1. April-May 2020: Four Seasons

Welcome to Korea! Let's explore 
our vibrant four seasons. Spring to Winter, are you ready? Get a free e-copy here.


2. June 2020: Idol


24 HOURS are not enough, we have to keep going ON and ON, and feel even more ENERGETIC after finishing an entire soundtrack. Welcome, you just met the right box: SOEULBOX IDOL. Get a free e-copy here.

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"니 멋대로 살어 ,어차피 니 꺼야."

"Live your life, it’s yours anyway."

Fulfill your Korean passion, Seoulmates 💪

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