Free magazine week 3: Taste the World, Love Yourself, K-drama

Free magazine week 3: Taste the World, Love Yourself, K-drama


It's a week 3 of our FREE magazine project!

While travelling to Korea has temporarily become a little bit tricky one, it’s also a great opportunity to catch up on your reading. To help pass the time, we are giving you 3 free eBooks each week during May. Read through this week's options, pick the magazine of your choice and unlock your free virtual travel to Korea.



Seoul Magazine is a monthly magazine that comes with every SeoulBox. It's a 12-page guide to Korean culture and snacks featured in SeoulBox of the month. Explore an epic side of Korea every month with Seoul Magazine!


1. January 2020: Taste the World

Happy New Year! 
Following our last month's Travel To Korea adventure, this time, we'll take you on a tour around the globe. We hope you are ready to taste world cuisines in a creative Korean way. 
Get a free e-copy here.


2. February 2020: Love Yourself


"Love yourself, speak yourself" - RM, BTS

This month we want to focus on YOU. Open a care package of cute snacks and goodies carefully curated to give you a sweet feel-good boost. Get a free e-copy here.


3. March 2020: K-drama

Welcome to the box of K-drama! You might have heard of K-Drama or mastered the top 20 must-watch drama list. But how about trying the ultimate snack inspired K-drama gift box? Get a free e-copy here.

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