Free magazine week 2: Back to School, Pepero Pajama Party, Travel to Korea

Free magazine week 2: Back to School, Pepero Pajama Party, Travel to Korea

It's a week 2 of our FREE magazine campaign!

While travelling to Korea has temporarily become a little bit tricky one, it’s also a great opportunity to catch up on your reading. To help pass the time, we are giving you 3 free eBooks each week during May. Read through this week's options, pick the magazine of your choice and download it to get your free virtual travel to Korea.





Seoul Magazine is a monthly magazine that comes with every SeoulBox. It's a 12-page guide to Korean culture and snacks featured in SeoulBox of the month. Explore an epic side of Korea every month with Seoul Magazine!


1. October 2019: Back to School (a.k.a. BTS)

New stationery, ironed uniforms and ringing alarm clocks – sounds like the start of an exciting yet chaotic new term back to school? In this month, discover a nostalgic side to Korea and unleash the energetic teen in you through your. Get a free e-copy here.


2. November 2019: Pepero Pajama Party


There's something special in Korea on November 11th. With Seoul Box, host a special pajama party full of yummy Pepero snacks and cool party goodies. Fill up your November with sweet and chocolaty memories. Get a free e-copy here.


3. December 2019: Travel to Korea

We are thrilled to celebrate upcoming winter holidays with you! This December, we'll take you on a tasty journey around Korea. Get your travel boots ready? Let's kick off this exciting travel to Korea. Lots of fun guaranteed. Get a free e-copy here.

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