Four Seasons X Four Desserts

Four Seasons X Four Desserts


Letting a season go is challenging yet exciting. From putting away your winter jumper to planning your summer holidays, a long to-do list awaits you. Let's kick off the new quarter of the year! SEOULBOX is here to spice up your 2020. Give your four seasons sweet greetings with four desserts trendy in Korea. Are you ready?


If you are a strawberry lover and an avid explorer of new tastes, you can’t miss this event: strawberry buffets. Every spring, hotels across Korea host these sassy banquets. You can taste a whole host of them! Imagine white chocolate fountains, long tables filled with pastries, and hundreds of mini cakes. A strawberry bonanza.


Iced desserts are the perfect treat to handle the summer heat. For this, Patbingsoo is a go-to. Made of red bean jam, rice cake, and iced milk, the treat will cool you down. Explore different tastes – from mango to chocolate, there is a wide range of options you can choose from. Oh, don’t forget to order one Patbingsoo per person! It looks huge at first, but sweet things are never enough.


While icy treats chill the summer heat, nutty desserts will be perfect for your sensitive ‘fall heart’ Try an Injeolmi toast. A marriage of toast and rice cake, rich Injeolmi powder adds a truly unique edge to the tasty, hearty Korean fusion. (Injeolmi is a type of rice cake made with roasted soybean powder) Initially started as a side menu in a small dessert cafe in Busan, it soon became popular nationwide for its quirky concept and heavenly taste. Want to try it? Find delicious Kkobuk Chips in your box. It's designed to satisfy your Injeolmi cravings.


Fancy a hot dessert for your winter holidays, but still, enjoy a cool taste? Then try Hotteok. Crusty pie outside and bursting brown sugar syrup inside, Hotteok is a classic winter food often served with ice cream. Melt your heart with this sugar-dripping Korean treat. It's irresistible with a scoop of ice cream. You'll experience a paradise made of soft ice cream and crispy, hot sugar pie. Which dessert do you want to try the most?


Guess Me!

They at first look like Bungeoppang, another popular winter pie, but they're macarons!

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