Former AOA member Park Choa Solo Debut!

Former AOA member Park Choa Solo Debut!


Her long-awaited solo debut is finally over, former AOA member is back in scene with ‘Yesterday’, her solo debut after a long hiatus since leaving the group in 2017, due to mental health issues and ending her contract with FNC Entertainment in 2019.

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After focusing in taking care of her health and signing a contract with Great M Entertainment in 2020, she released “Here I Am” an OST for the K-drama ‘To All the Guys Who Loved Me’, worked on television on programs like ‘Double Trouble’ and was very active on her YouTube Channel.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

‘Yesterday’ comes as her solo debut, announced last month by Great M Entertainment, claiming that the artist was releasing a single in the month of April. This song sets Choa back on her music career for all her fans and followers to enjoy her lovely and harmonious voice.

CHOA(초아) 'Yesterday'

Are you loving her comeback as a soloist?

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