February SeoulBox Magazine

Happy Valentine’s Seoulmate! It’s a pleasure to be sharing the love with you. This month we have crafted a special SeoulBox that you can both enjoy with loved ones or be a great way to show yourself some much deserved appreciation. Through many hours of extensive "research" and hard labor, we studied your favorite romantic K-Dramas and selected some of the most memorable and delicious snacks to bring you joy this month. We can’t wait for you to try this rich variety of treats, and really want to know what your favorite items are this month! Feel free to message @unboxyourseoul. So put on your most relaxing outfit, get your comfy with your SeoulBox and tune into your K-Dramas as it’s going to be a very sweet unboxing 🍫 💝

This month, You might look familiar with covers. Because It is hommage of a famous K-drama. Guess which K-drama is it! 📺
You can check out <Best K-dramas for Valentine's day>, a Seoul Toon <The Late Night Restaurant Ep.2> and an exclusive interview for Seoulmates (Korea's hottest webtoon writer). Tap the below to be the first to get our new release! 😘

Snack Highlights

  • Various Korea winter street foods in delicious snack form (Bungeoppang, Hoppang, Fish cake soup)
  • A Korean's oldest / most beloved snack, Dalgona
  • Find out from our tasting guide which K-dramas your snacks have been featured in!

Goody Highlights

  • A coloring book collaboration with Meoshiworld that will help battle your boredem during the lockdowns
  • An adorable BT21 fit masks will help keep you safe and look great too
  • Skincare never stops! A smooth juicy honey mask pack
  • Woori sticker : various K-drama characters





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"상황과 순간마다 감정은 너무 달라서, 매 순간 고민하는 것이 삶이라고 생각한다."

"Emotions are so different in every situation and every moment, so I think to agonize every moment is what life is."

Fulfill your korean moments, Seoulmates 💪

Suga, BTS