Fandom 101 : Official Colors

Fandom 101 : Official Colors

Invite you to the world of creative and unique Kpop idol culture : official color! Just like lightsticks, official colors of idol groups are unique and creative. Initially started off as a simple color like orange or pink, official colors have evloved massively over time. From Neon Red to Earth, meet a whole array of pretty and shiny colors that represents Kpop stars and their fandom.



1. Weki Meki

'Cherry Tomato' and 'Vibrant Yellow' are the colors that seem refreshing but also fierce


2. 100%

It's shining sea under the sunlight, softly and gently representing the perfect times


3. (G)I-Dle

Red represents the girls' passion for music while violet symbolizes a wonderful neverland.


4. SF9

The pastel prism represents a mysterious attraction which only SF9 and Fatasy have



'HONEY UP' is moments which are sweet as honey and refreshing as lemons


6. Chungha

A gradient expresses Chungha's diverse talents and how she is always changing


7. Oneus

Earth represents ONEUS, Moon represents their fans TO MOONm and White Glittering is the space in which they exist together


8. Twice

Apricot is full of freshness, and Neon Magenta is full of bright energy, just like Twice and Once


9. Verivery

The colors mean that VERIVERY will relay their warm sincerity to VERRERs, their fans, even through the flashiness


10. Dreamnote

It signifies the joys and dreams DREAMNOTE give to their fans and achieve together

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