Famous Markets and Food in Busan

Famous Markets and Food in Busan


Busan is considered the second largest city in Korea, and the city of events, traveling spots and food! Speaking of food, Busan is very well – known for its delicious local food and the freshness of the seafood. It also has old markets that developed over years so that this big city now has its own distinctive cuisine and specialty local food.

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Let me help you with a guide for what are the best local dishes to try at Busan and what are the most popular ones and we’ll also review a list of famous markets that can be found there.

Get ready, because what you’re going to read might make you feel hungry, as we will start with the most popular and must-try foods in Busan:

Milmyeon (Cold Wheat Noodles)

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One of the most delicious and famous local foods in Busan is Milmyeon, the noodles itself is made of  flour powder with starches of sweet potato, with vegetables, potato, meat and meat broth. The dish is served cold, so I recommend this dish especially in the hot summer.

Mool hwe (Cold Sashimi)

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Another specialty cold dish from Busan is the Moolhwe which is often served with beef, vegetables and pear slices topped with the gochujang spicy sauce, and Ice. This month's watering dish is often served with noodles.

Chimaek (Chicken and Beer)

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Often seen in dramas being eaten deliciously, and as a matter of fact everybody loves chicken and beer, and its very famous in Busan for its fulfilling delicious taste.

Ssiat Hotteok (Stuffed Pancakes)

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The city of seafood is also known for its sweet pancakes! But what makes Busan’s pancakes different is that it’s stuffed with nuts, seeds like pumpkin and sunflower seeds and more! It’s sugary and goes well with a cup of coffee! You shall try it!

Eomuk (Fish Cakes)

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Right from the sea to the streets, Busan’s fish cakes is one of the popular street foods, and local specialty. It's always fresh and tasty.

Haemul Pajeon (Seafood Scallion Pancake)

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As Busan’s seafood is often seen as different and more delicious, for sure the famous pancakes there must have seafood ingredients along with rice flour, and they also add scallions as main ingredient that gives a twist to the taste of the pancake, and this is also another popular street food in Busan.

Dwaeji Gukbap (Pork Soup)

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The miso- base soup, which is another specialty of Busan’s. Consists of Miso-soup, heavily cooked pork bones and sesame oil. It’s a great tasty dish to warm your body and melt your heart in the cold weather. You can find the Dwaeji Gukbap at Seomyeon Food Street where most of the stalls there specialize in pork soap.


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There’s no point in going to Busan, without trying the seafood. Busan is well-known for the fresh seafood and its variety, where you can even find new sea creatures that you’ve never seen or tasted before! You can try seafood at the seafood hub of Busan called Cheongsapo, which is a small port area between Haeundae and Songjeong.

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Besides the popular food that was just mentioned, Busan also has many famous markets which are considered a spot for tourists to visit and buy fresh food ingredients, clothes, accessories and much more. Check the list below:

Seafood Market:

(Jagalchi Fish Market Credits to the rightful owner)

(Gijang Market Credits to the rightful owner)

Jagalchi Fish Market. It’s the largest market of seafood in South Korea, it has ever and each living thing that can be eaten in the sea, so it’s like the heaven of seafood lovers! Another famous seafood market in Busan marking its delicious taste with local seafood would be Gijang Market which also buys cheaper fish and crab than Jagalchi fish market.

(Nampo-dong Dried Fish Wholesale Market Credits to the rightful owner)

Moreover, if you’re a fan of seafood in general, you might be interested in the dry seafood as well, but where can you find this? Dried seafood products can be found in a quiet market that’s like a hidden gem. This market is called Nampo-dong Dried Fish Wholesale Market.

Traditional Market:

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Gukje Market, and gukje means “International” in Korean, this market is popular specially during the Korean war days, it was established back in 1950, and it sells until today all the popular food items in Busan and kind of have open-seating street dining. It's a very well-known spot for tourists because it has everything you could need, from food, clothes, machinery tools and even kitchenware.

Jewelry Market:

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Busan’s jewelry Market, the splendid market that shines in Busan, and has everything from earrings to watches, in gold, silver, diamond and more. At the market you can also find sellers that can personalize your jewelry just as you like it and follow your design. This market is said to have more than 400 different sellers, can you imagine the amazing jewelry designs that you can find there!

Shoe Market:

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Jayu Market (Namjin Night Market), this market Was established in 1999, it quickly grew in size and developed where it currently has over 220 shops. This market sells all kinds of shoes from sneakers to heels, with a very affordable price and it has a section for clothes and plants as well.

Clothes & Gifts Market:

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Busanjin Market, is a market that sells clothes, traditional handmade Hanbuk and fine textiles from all kinds, not only this but also it sells souvenirs and gifts at a reasonable price. Besides clothes and gifts, you can also find pottery and curtly pieces.

Souvenirs Market:

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Busan Gamcheon Culture Village, everyone who has been to the Busan Gamcheon Culture Village was amazed by its charm, the village is full of astonishing spots for photographing and in Busan Gamcheon Culture Village you can buy unique souvenirs that can’t be found anywhere else.

Street Food Market:

(Bupyeong Kkangtong Market Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Bupyeong Kkangtong Market, it’s a popular street foods market in Busan has all kinds of popular food, the ones that were mentioned earlier and much more and it has many choices from sweet to savory popular Busan food. Another famous street food market is Gwangbokdong Food Street; this market is all about having all kinds of popular korean street food, not only Busan’s famous ones.

(Gwangbokdong Food Street Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

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