Korean beauty or K- beauty is easily becoming the world’s trendiest skin care routine around the world. You can find hundreds of K beauty skin care products in almost every store in Korea. Did you even know that there’s even some famous K beauty stores in South Korea? Here is just a list of 5 famous K beauty stores that you just have to check out in South Korea.

1. Etude House Color Factory

Etude house isn’t known just for its colorful décor, you can customize your very own lipstick! Just make sure you make a reservation, and it only takes about an hour for the creation . They use a device that finds which colors that are best for your skin tone. Best part is you can also create the packaging for the lipstick. Of course you can find other cosmetics just as foundation, eyeshadow, and blush!



2. Innisfree Flagship Store

This famous beauty store has everything that you need even down to some relaxation. You can customize your eyeshadow pallet, and even get a skin consultation to see what your skin needs are. Once you have stocked up on your K-beauty supplies, you can go to the upper level of the building to the famous Green Café. There you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea and some yummy snacks



3. Olive Young

Olive Young is a drug store that’s very popular in Seoul. This place carries the trendy must have K-beauty products. You can find Olive Young stores all over Seoul.



4. Chicor Flagship Store

This four story store literally has everything you ever need. Don’t worry even though it’s four floors it is broken up into 10 different sections with categories like skincare, haircare, cosmetics, ect. From major brands such as Mac, down to smaller Korean brands it will take care of your need.



5. Sulwhasoo Flagship Store

This store is very relaxing and calming six story store. The décor, lighting, music puts you in a very relaxing mood. Sulwhasoo has some of the best anti-aging products where you can’t find anywhere else. Let’s not forget that you can even get a spa treatment.




Author  Kathy Rogers

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