Famous K-pop Words or Phrases Found In The Urban Dictionary

Famous K-pop Words or Phrases Found In The Urban Dictionary


In most cases, Korean idols will create their tagline or even a phrase and it will become a trend. 

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Now, ever since K-pop dominated the world, artists began making the words and phrases into everyday conversations. Fans will continue to use the words as part of their language. 

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This word was created by V of BTS and is highly famous among the fans. The meaning of the word is “I purple you” which simply means “I love you” in BTS vocabulary. 

Why purple though? Well V mentioned that purple is the last color in the rainbow, which indicates that it will last a long time, and also the color resembles trust.

In the rainbow, however, 7 colors stand for the 7 BTS members.  


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Seventeen’s Jeonghan put together random word plays and made this phrase. He insisted on making this go viral, so he urged the fans to spread the word. 

Now, almost everyone knows about the phrase, and it was said by many K-pop idols. Some were even confused about what the word meant. It is even famous in a few reality K-pop shows.


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Another member from Seventeen, Hoshi created this phrase for his fans as a way to express his love for them. Horanghae is a combination of Horang (Tiger) + Hae (I Love You). 

The phrase is highly recognized and is often used by fans to express their love for the idol. Because of this phrase, the other members created their phrases to express their love personally to Carats. 


Wooahae is one of the other famous phrases which is said by Woozi. Other than that, member DK’s phrase will be Doahae and The8 Palranghae 




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A mixture of English and Korean into the most used catchphrases is created by Lucas from the group NCT. Neomu means very, so the phrase translates to very lonely. 

In a Vlive with his other member Mark, he was describing his feeling when Mark debuted first which left him all alone.



He then added that now since he made his debut, he feels Neomu Happy, which translates to very happy. Now fans use this phrase whenever they would want to describe their lonely feelings. 

Now every time you hear these word you'll know their meaning!

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