Famous K-pop & K-drama Shooting Locations 

Famous K-pop & K-drama Shooting Locations 


If you tend to watch K-dramas often, some of these places may seem familiar to you. These places listed below are trendy and have become a tourist hot spot after being featured in many dramas or music videos! 

Yongin Danjanggeum Park 

The park was formerly known as MBC Drama, an outdoor film set located in Yongin City. The set is owned by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation and was built in 2005. The set showcases historical buildings from the Samguk, Goryeo, and Joseon eras. 

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

The Yongin Danjanggeum Park is open for tourists to visit but has an admission fee upon entry. Adults will have to pay 9,500 won, and children's prices range from 8,000 ‚Äď to 7,000 won per person.¬†

The set has been featured in many dramas as well as music videos. Among the most popular dramas shot here are Extraordinary You (2019), The King: Eternal Monarch (2020), and Hotel Del Luna (2019). However, there are a few music videos that you may notice in the background.

Stray Kids - Double Knot (English Version) Performance Video


Suga ‚Äď Daechwita¬†

Oneus ‚Äď Lit (Taekwando Version) Performance Video

Jumunjin Beach 

If you love watching the sunsets and strolling along the warm white sands, Jumunjin Beach has the perfect scenery. These are the locations where the famous drama "Goblin" was shot, and you may find the famous location where BTS shot their album covers as well!

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

At the Jumunjin Beach Breakwater is where the scene of the buckwheat flowers comes into place. The blue background of the sea and the sky's reflection make this place perfectly romantic. 

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

The Hyangho Bus Stop is the famous location where BTS took their album cover photo. The bus stop photo was used in their album "You Never Walk Alone", released in 2017. Another photo was taken with the members sitting at the bus stop and was the cover for their song "Spring Day".

In the music video, Jimin was filmed holding a pair of shoes on the beach. Although the famous bus stop was not featured, the scenery of beautiful Jumunjin is featured in the music video

Spring Day - BTS

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Forest of Wisdom Library 

If you are a drama enthusiast, this library is featured in the most known dramas. This place is the best destination for bookworms as it is filled with books on tall shelves of various genres. 

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Many K-dramas had the Forest of Wisdom in their background. These few are some of the long lists of dramas ‚Äď It's Okay to Not Be Okay (2020), The King: Eternal Monarch (2020), Hotel Del Luna (2019), Why Secretary Kim (2018), and I'm Not a Robot (2017)

Girls Generation's music video has a glimpse of the library. Although not too much was shown in the video, the staircase where a scene was shot featured library parts. Not only that, but Big Bang's Beautiful Hungover also has the iconic staircase scene. 

Into The New World ‚Äď Girl's Generation¬†

Beautiful Hangover ‚Äď Big Bang¬†

Yongma Land 

A no longer running amusement park located in the Jungnang District in Seoul has become a hot spot for K-pop idols to film music videos or K-dramas to shoot their scenes. The park has old-school theme park rides, giving off an eerie backdrop if you were to film when the sun is down.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Since its closure in 2011, Yongma Land has been open to the public for 10,000 KRW for you to take photos and look around. However, an additional fee of 25,000 KRW is needed if you would like the lights on the merry-go-round ride to be turned on.

Some recent dramas were filmed at the park. The Sound of Magic (2022), Sisyphus: The Myth (2021), More Than Friends (2020), and Alice (2020).

Besides that, the familiar carousel background can be found in several K-pop music videos. 

Like OOH-AHH ‚Äď Twice¬†

Ribbon ‚Äď Beast

Gyeonggi English Village 

Taking your way back to the European setting of the olden days, this English village located in Gyeonggi-do will make you feel as if you are abroad. It has unique buildings and structures built to provide a short-term English immersion feel to students as they will only speak English in the Village.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Dramas that were filmed with this lavish background are Business Proposal (2022), Dali and The Cocky Prince (2021), Extraordinary You (2019), Why Secretary Kim (2018), and Legend of The Blue Sea (2016). 

Exo and Super Junior's music videos also both featured the English village.

Miracles in December ‚Äď EXO

Magic ‚Äď Super Junior¬†

We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did researching it! Let us know in the comments below which location will be on your bucket lists.

Author: Estella Fredericks

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