Fake Love Hangul Lyrics

Fake Love Hangul Lyrics

Let’s learn some sexy Korean phrases with BTS Fake Love! 😍

Featuring V and Jungkook’s intro, we break down each part of the lyrics so that you can understand its Korean meaning and follow its pronounciation 🤗 Happy K-pop-ing❤️ Starting from Namjun’s rap and ending with Taehyung’s verse just before the main chorus, Seoul Box covers the main part of this love song. Well done for practicing Korean with these difficult lyrics!👏 We’ll be back with a new song next week👍 If you have any particular one in mind, comment on this post or simply DM us! 😁🤟#fakelovebts #btslyrics#kpoplyrics

Feel free to download Fake Love Korean lyrics ebook from here

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