Exploring the World of Unusual K-Pop Merchandise

Exploring the World of Unusual K-Pop Merchandise


In the lively world of K-Pop, where creativity knows no bounds and fans' devotion knows no limits, the realm of merchandise offers a huge selection of delights. While albums, posters, and clothing lines are staples in any K-Pop fan's collection, there exists a captivating world of unusual merchandise that goes beyond the ordinary. From unusual collectibles to unexpected collaborations, let's embark on a journey to explore some of the most unusual K-Pop merchandise that has captured fans' attention.



1. EXO Logo Cookie/Ice Tray

This ice tray was released back in 2016 when Exo released their album “For Life”. Fitting to the winter album concept, EXO released an ice tray with the shape of the album logo. If you are an Exo-L, this unusual merchandise might actually come in handy! What is great about this tray is that it can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 250°C. So, you can use it for various purposes like making ice for your iced coffee on hot spring days, or you can even make cookies and chocolates shaped in Exo’s logo, remembering your love for the group in each sip or bite.


2. Coat Hangers with Idols’ Faces

There is a variety of coat hangers with idols’ faces. From Twice’s Jeongyeon to Astro’s Cha Eun-woo, these hangers are truly loved by fans as whenever you hang something on these hangers, it looks like your favorite idol is wearing that piece of clothing! You can even style them with your own clothes!


3. Blackpink Monopoly

This game was released as official merchandise for their fan meeting, Blackpink Chapter 1 and Blinks immediately fell in love with it! Instead of the usual monopoly properties, the Blackpink version has locations they have performed on tour. Also, instead of building houses and hotels, you set up stages and performance halls. The money has the members’ faces and the game pieces are in the shape of their light sticks and music video props.


4. SHINee Cap

This cap was the special edition merchandise for SHINee's Arena Tour in Japan back in 2017. This cap has a net that when you pull it down, you get the members’ faces. You can wear it like any other cap but when you miss your SHINee bias, just pull the net down and look in the mirror! If you take a selfie at a right angle, you can even pretend you are that member.


5. BIGBANG Daesung’s Nose and Lips Ice Mold

Inspired by Taeyang’s popular song “Eyes, Nose, Lips”, fans can recreate the nose and lips of BIGBANG‘s Daesung, in edible form with this up-close mold. We can never know the reasoning behind this product, but fans must have loved it back in the day when it was released!


6. LOONA’s Cape

This cape was a preorder benefit for LOONA’s light stick. Even though it is kind of odd, it totally has a magical girl feeling to it. It looks pretty cute when combined with the light stick. Moreover, the cape's versatility allows fans to incorporate it into their own fashion choices, whether it's wearing it to concerts and events or incorporating it into cosplay and creative photo shoots.


7. Oh My Girl’s Second Fanship Kit

In Korean culture, it is important to ask people if they have eaten. Not only do some idols just talk the talk about the importance of meals, but also produce goods that fans can use whenever they eat, like Oh My Girl’s second fanship kit. This fanship kit was way different than many others. It included a spoon set, coaster, table cloth and even a mini table. Oh My Girl provided a whole dining set with this kit to their fans. It is said that they released these goods for fans to feel less lonely if they ever have to eat by themselves. Even though it is pretty unusual, it is actually one of the very few merchandise piece that can come in handy for fans.


 8. SM Artists’ Fish Stick Snacks

Who would not want to eat snacks with their favorite groups’ faces on them? If you do, there is a huge selection of them and one of these are hot chili flavored fish sticks for the fans of the popular groups of the entertainment company SM, Red Velvet, TVXQ! and SHINee. And the package even has their song titles written all over it.


 9. Taemin (SHINee) Shower Curtain

Besides the more normal merchandise like t-shirts, bracelets, and posters, this shower curtain was released as part of the official goods for Taemin‘s Off-Sick tour. Truly, who would not want to see THE Taemin every time they are in the shower?


10. TWICE Tzuyu's Trash Can

TWICE members are known for taking part in the creative process of their fan merchandise. But one fan merchandise was so random, fans had to buy it. It is the trash can Tzuyu designed as a part of their world tour merchandise in 2019. It is a cute trash can that says "Throw your negative energy here!" It was such a hit that the first day it went on sale, it was completely sold out! It also sold out on the second and third day of it being released.



In conclusion, the world of K-Pop merchandise offers an abundance of unconventional items that cater to fans' diverse interests and passions. From plushies and snacks to ice trays and board games, these unusual merchandise items allow fans to express their love for their favorite idols in creative and imaginative ways. Whether it is through skincare routines, home decor, or everyday accessories, K-Pop enthusiasts can incorporate their fandom into every aspect of their lives, forging deeper connections with their idols and fellow fans along the way. So, the next time you are looking to add a touch of K-Pop to your life, consider exploring the realm of unusual K-Pop merchandise—it is a journey filled with surprises and delights that will undoubtedly enhance your fan experience.


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