Exploring Korean Snacks:  What's Trending Right Now?

Exploring Korean Snacks: What's Trending Right Now?


Korea has long been celebrated for its rich culinary culture, and its snack scene is no exception. Korean snacks offer a delightful fusion of flavors, textures, and innovative culinary techniques that captivate snack enthusiasts worldwide. From the fiery heat of spicy tteokbokki to the comforting sweetness of chocolate covered cakes, Korean snacks present a diverse selection of tastes and experiences. In this blog, we will dig into the dynamic world of Korean snack trends, exploring the latest sensations from spicy to sweet that are captivating taste buds across the globe.


1. Haitai’s Shindangdong Tteokbokki Snacks

The popular Korean street dish tteokbokki has been made into a snack that can be taken anywhere with the Shindangdong Tteokbokki Snacks. With their flavor profile of spicy and somewhat sweet, these bite-sized delights perfectly capture the spirit of the renowned dish. The snack has a delightful tactile contrast because of its crunchy outside and mushy rice cake middle. These spicy treats, which can easily become your new favorite snack, are perfect for tteokbokki lovers who want to embrace the strong and dynamic flavors of the most popular street food in Korea.


2. Orion’s The Sun Chips - Garlic Baguette

The famous The Sun Chips’ Garlic Baguette flavor aims to replicate the savory and aromatic taste of freshly baked garlic bread. The chips are seasoned with a blend of garlic, herbs, and spices to recreate the distinct flavor profile of garlic-infused bread, providing a savory and satisfying snacking experience. With their thin and crispy texture, Garlic Baguette chips offer a satisfying crunch with each bite. This texture adds to the enjoyment of the snack and complements the robust flavor of garlic and herbs, leaving a satisfying corn aftertaste.


3. Lotte’s Mongshell

If you are craving something chocolatey and sweet, Lotte’s Mongshell is just the snack for you! Mongshell is a mini cake with an outer shell covered in chocolate layer. It is filled with fresh milky cream. In each bite, you get the harmonious blend of soft white cream, cacao and premium chocolate. If you want to taste richer white cream, simply pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds and enjoy the rich sweetness with the sweet cake you can easily reach with its individual packaging!


4. Nongshim’s Saeukkang

Saeukkang is one of the most popular Korean snacks, if not the most, in South Korea. Since Nongshim introduced it in 1971, it has rarely missed being ranked among the top positions as the best-selling snack in South Korea for over 50 years. As its name suggests, it has a salty and spicy shrimp flavor with a crunchy texture. If you are a seafood lover that also loves spicy snacks, do not miss out on this ever-trending snack!


5. Samyang’s Satto Bap

Satto Bap earned its name because its first commercial featured a local magistrate from the Joseon Dynasty. It is a typical corn flour-based snack, deep-fried and coated with a light seasoning powder containing salt, malt syrup, onion powder, and vanilla flavor. Fried with a bit of oil, it has a slightly soft texture rather than completely crispy. The taste is not overly strong, aiming for a soft popcorn-like feel that melts in the mouth. As it does not contain eggs or milk, it is just the snack for you since it is vegan-approved.


6. Crown’s Cream Wafers

Crown Cream Wafers are light and crunchy wafers paired with a creamy filling, making them delicate and yummy sweets. These wafers, which come in a variety of flavors like vanilla and chocolate, offer a delicious flavor experience. The wafer layers provide a satisfying crunch, while the smooth and luscious cream filling adds a burst of flavor. Crown Cream Wafers are an ideal accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee, providing a moment of pleasure and relaxation. If you want the delicious creamy filling to melt in your mouth, pop the wafers in the freezer for a while and savor the melting creamy filling with each bite. Share them with loved ones or savor them on your own for a truly delightful snack time!


7. Lotte’s Anytime Milk & Mint Candy

You must have already heard about Korea’s obsession with mint chocolate flavored things. Even tough this snack does not feature any chocolate, we can say that mint flavor is widely loved by many Koreans. These snacks are really something special. It has a combination of flavors that are truly difficult to describe, but the closest would be to call it a mint covered in a thick delicious milk coating. The mints in these are very refreshing, and the sweet milk coating eases you into the minty center. Or, if you do not have the patience for that, then you can start munching on them right away and be bombarded by the instant mint freshness mixed with the sugary coating.


8. Orion’s Swing Chip Spicy

Swing chips are made with 100% raw potato in a wavy pattern which give the crisp texture and the original flavor of the potato to these mouth-watering chips. The deep flavor of stir-fried red pepper paste is added to the crispy texture of live potato chips. If you are a spicy snack lover, enjoy the delicious spicy Swing Chip with stir-fried red pepper paste taste anytime, anywhere you want!



Korean snack trends continue to evolve, offering a diverse range of flavors, textures, and culinary experiences to snack enthusiasts worldwide. From the fiery heat of spicy tteokbokki to the comforting sweetness of mongshells, Korean snacks embody a rich tapestry of flavors that reflect the nation's vibrant culinary heritage. Whether you are craving a spicy thrill or a sweet indulgence, Korean snacks have something to offer for every palate, making them a beloved staple in the global snack world. As the Korean snack market continues to innovate and diversify, one thing is certain – the world will eagerly await the next tantalizing trend to emerge from this dynamic culinary culture.


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