Everything You Should Know About Korean Finger Heart!

Everything You Should Know About Korean Finger Heart!


Korean Finger Heart - a crisscrossing finger thing that is so elegant to see, made waves on the internet. But exactly how? Let’s learn about this exciting thing today!

Back in 1997, when Japanese mobile phones came out with emojis, the creators might not have imagined how important they will become in the future.

Can you imagine sending a message without a single emoji? If yes, then I must say you’re brave or you are really good with words.

Because I can’t do that.

Today, even in the professional day-to-day chats with your colleagues, it has become prevalent to have emoticons in your text for balancing the conversations. The reason being people are afraid that your messages could be misunderstood. Korean’s love emoticons and their absolute love for them could be witnessed on their own messaging platform called Kakaotalk.

This yellow and light blue color platform that helps to connect Koreans with their people comes with a huge deal of unique emojis that couldn’t be found on any other platform.

Apart from that, they use their own created emojis, and surprisingly that looks so lively. Like, “^^”, which defines that you’re smiling with your eyes so happy (on that note, smile, please :)

Or “= =”, meaning you’re maybe disappointedly angry, or “ㅜㅜ” which makes the sound of U in Korean, however, is used for denoting that you are crying.

Nevertheless, their adorableness and necessity for the same don’t stop here. Finger and hand hearts are something that has been attracting tremendous exciting looks from people.

What are they exactly and what do they signify? Let’s look into it, shall we?


What does the Korean Finger Heart mean?

Talking about all these rare gestures, the Asian community has always been the birth-givers to it, especially Koreans.

The beautiful creation that has been done of crisscrossing your index finger and the thumb, makes it into a mini-heart.

Just by moving these two fingers, you end up showing your affection to your loved ones.

Not only that, but it also indicates the harmonious feelings between the giver and the receiver.

It also plays as a substitute to the big hand hearts you might have seen K-pop idols do.

Did BTS create the finger heart?

BTS korean heart

Everything that has become well-known to millions and billions of Korean culture fans today, huge credit goes to K-drama and K-pop.

Hence, this finger heart was also seen using by them for voicing their love for the dedicated fans without uttering a word.

And this is how it went viral.

Talking about it now, it has become immensely crazy witnessing how a good amount of influencers, common people like you and us, and even Hollywood celebrities were seen using their fingers for this sweet gesture.

And last but not the least, even Kim Jong-Un was witnessed doing that. Now that’s something!

We’ve observed that a lot of people are wondering if BTS has invented it?

It’s natural to think that as the boys are huge. But they also have a beautiful legacy behind them.

Just like that, they have not created this. So who really has invented the finger heart then?  Well, the correct answer to this question has a lot to do with the millennial Korean celebs.

Some claims come out that INFINITE’s Nam Woo-Hyun gave birth to it. However, the singer refined that he rather has not, but he sure made his contribution in popularizing it in the early 2010s.

Along with him, actress Kim Hye-Soo is believed to be making it a hit in the same era.

Then came the feisty rapper, G-Dragon (Big Bang), who posted the childhood photo that had him posing with an adorable finger heart.

But the nostalgic image saga didn’t stop here, as comedian Yang Se-Hyeong shared his childhood picture as well, doing the same pose.

So, no definite answer is available to it, but we’re glad it has been brought into existence. Truly a symbol of peace and love! 

That One Savage Finger Heart That’s Rolling The Internet Right Now!

Recently a new heart came into existence - Hak You. It was from the drama The Devil Judge, which ended just recently.

This particular scene made headlines for weeks wherein the lead character, Kim Gaon (Jinyoung, GOT7) was seen making a cute heart for his childhood friend who just proposed to him for the millionth time.

He then smilingly give her back a heart as you can see in the picture.

How to say “Finger heart” in Korean?

Finger in Korean is 손가락 (Son-Kha-Rakh). Even though the word for heart is 심장 (Shim-Jang), but for the finger heart, Koreans usually say 손가락 하트 (Son-Kha-Rakh Ha-Teu).

Author - Akshita!! 

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