Are you aware of ENHYPEN's second comeback? If not, here is a chance to know more about it which will take you in a completely different dimension!

ENHYPEN's second comeback

Survival show winner Enhypen, released their first full-length studio album on the 12th of October.

Transitioning from the Border era, the group has now entered a multidimensional phase which they will experience in the album Dimension:Dilemma. 

Enhypen is known and praised for their perfect sync choreography. As said by Jay in the media showcase, that executive producer Bang Si-hyuk wanted the group to be in complete sync during the chorus dance routine in their title track. 


The album’s title track Tamed-Dashed is an 80’s inspired track that is a continuation of their story. The song expresses their resolution to push the Dilemma aside said Heeseung in an interview. 


In line with the title of the track, the music video expressed the emotions faced by rugby boy peers when realizing they are caught in a dilemma. In a battle to escape, they dash forward through different dimensions to find the answers. 



Supporting the title track,¬†Go Big or Go Home¬†has the concept of hitting a jackpot. In the current era, everyone puts in their utmost efforts in what they desire having the mindset of ‚Äúall or nothing‚ÄĚ.¬†


It is the perfect song to listen to when you’re in the mood to dance as it has an electro-house beat. The boys never miss a beat as they show off their energy-filled choreography.


Whilst experimenting on new genres, the group finally released a ballad track with the title Just a Little Bit. The laid-back track has an acoustic vibe and reveals the honest emotions of young love. 


Heeseung mentions that the song relates to him on an emotional level. It is a track that appeals to his taste as it has a hint of R&B feels. 


In this album, Enhypen had the opportunity to work on their first collaboration with an artist. The track titled Blockbuster features Yeonjun from TXT who also contributed to the making of the song. This pop-rock genre track is anticipated by many as it is a new genre sung by Enhypen. 


Yeonjun from TXT

Attention Please, is said to be Jay’s favorite track. It has a 90’s alternative rock vibe that makes groove your head to the beat. The concept behind this song will take you back to the ’90s as it involves the struggles of popularity and love. 


This song has a catchy melody that reminds Sunghoon of high-rise buildings as he listens to it. Upper Side Dreamin is an upbeat soft pop song that will lift your mood. It explicates ones’ challenges when realizing the difference in their desires and reality. 


The boys worked hard in showing us different concepts and genres! Go show them your support on their new album!


Let us know what your favorite song is from the album below!


Author - Estella.

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