Editor's Pick: Top 5 Snacks in This Month's Box

Editor's Pick: Top 5 Snacks in This Month's Box

This month is dedicated to gamers. For those who need something to munch on and are worry about messy keyboard at the same time, this month's Gamer's Box is ideal for you. It's full of 'No Greese, No Mess' snacks sourced directly from Korea to boost your gaming experience.


Among 22 amazing treats and goodies, SeoulBox editors picked 5 snacks that will absolutely slay the 2020 July snack industry!


1. Home Run Balls Tiramisu Flavor



 An Italian-inspired mini chou that doesn’t make any sound when eaten and easy to indulge in. An ideal snack for any game that requires voice chat

Give it a light freeze for around 10 to 20 minutes


2. Pepero Crunky



A thin breadstick dipped in chocolate and crumbles. stick to your fingers and rarely leaves crumbles – a perfect game-snack material

Open a macaron and put a Pepero stick between the lids. Decorate it to your taste: a unique macaron Pepero 


3. Cheetos Corn Soup One Hand



A unique Cheetos dusted in sweetcorn, cedar cheese, and heavy cream seasoning

Even some snacks may be crumbly, it won’t cause an issue as long as you just ‘drink’ them with one hand (hence its name!)


4. Sweet Coffee Dabang Almonds


Dabang stands for a classic coffee shop in Korea. An almond coated with thick sweet coffee chocolate

Leave yourself to its crunchy texture to get rid of all the stresses!



5. Osulloc Samda Honey Pear



A premium blending tea. Take a tea-break with a sweet harmony of Korean pear and malted green tea

Steep in 150ml of hot water. The ideal temperature is 90°C (194 °F). Allow it to brew for 2 minutes


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