Who knew eating at such a luxurious and authentic Korean Spa would be so much fun! Let's take a look at quite a few over here.

Korean Spa


What are some of the best Korean Spa in Seoul?

1. The Dragon Hill Spa

2. Garden 5 (가든파이브)

3. The Siloam Sauna


1. The Dragon Hill Spa :

The Dragon Hill Spa is one of the most popular spas in Korea. Located in Yongsan, the “Heart of Seoul” like Dragon Hill Spa says on their website, it’s the perfect place for locals and tourists to relax and recharge.

Working five days a week can get quite exhausting, so going to a Korean Spa for the weekend is a popular venture. While relaxing your muscles in the Pine Tree Sauna that uses far-infrared radiation while hugging you with the scent of green pine tree you might as well get hungry.

Korean Spa - Dragon Hill

But don’t worry. The Korean Spa comes with a Snack Bar, Yesodam, and the IL POOM MYON OK, a Korean restaurant that serves traditional Korean food made with fresh ingredients by the chefs.

They offer Pork cutlet, Bulgogi, Jajangmyeon, Fried Kimchi Ramyeon, and many more delicacies. Take a seat and enjoy before continuing your journey of relaxation. The Spa is opened 24 hours, so the doors are always open for you to welcome you into the warmth of the hot rooms.

Korean Spa Baked eggs

2. Garden 5 (가든파이브) :

Garden 5 (가든파이브), located in Sonpa-gu, is one of the largest cultural centers in South Korea, including a shopping mall, restaurants, a cinema, an art hall, and a Spa.

Korean Spa Garden 5

On the 10th floor of the built in 2009, you can find an ultra-modern spa. There are the traditional Jjimjilbang (Korean Spa), the hot rooms as well as a library, treatment rooms, an arcade, a movie screening room that shows movies in English and Korean, and a lounging area, where you can take a break and enjoy snacks, that you can buy there.

If you are hungry after leaving the relaxation oasis you can choose from multiple in-house restaurants on the other floors to fulfill all your needs.

Eating in Korean Spa

3. The Siloam Sauna :

If you’re looking at a place to relax and rest overnight but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a hotel the Siloam Sauna is the perfect place for you.

Korean Spa

It is open 24 hours during day and night, whenever you need it the most. The Korean Spa is one of the older ones in Seoul, leaving you with an authentic experience of the Korean Jjimjilbang.

If you’re caught off guard by being hungry there is nothing you have to worry about. The Siloam Sauna offers a menu with delicious food and refreshing drinks such as Korean-style dumplings, Ramyeon, Sauna eggs, and Sik-hye, a sweet, traditional Korean rice drink.

Those last two are absolute Spa must-haves that you should definitely try when you visit them. They are offered by many Spas as snacks.

Korean Spa

Which Korean Spa are you definitely gonna try? Let us know in the comments below.


Author - Kris.

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