Dried under the Sun, Pasted with the Winds: Meet the Master behind Your September SeoulBox

Dried under the Sun, Pasted with the Winds: Meet the Master behind Your September SeoulBox

Bugak is a classic Korean snack often featured in the ceremonies during Chuseok season. Although it's well-known among Koreans, it was quite an adventure to put them in SeoulBox. There were two reasons behind it: packaging and deliver-ability.

Its normally packed in bulk or Koreans make it at home. Also, as it's normally fresh-made, there were not many products available in the market that serves fresh yet tightly sealed Bugaks.

After our team's binge-researching and tasting, we found this gem: sticky rice potato Bugak made by Oh Heesook, the master recognized nationwide. Her hand-made Bugaks are in the right packaging size and sealed tight enough to travel across the oceans.


"Dried under the sun, pasted with the winds"

Bugak is a classic Korean chip made of thinly sliced vegetables and sticky rice paste. Fresh ingredients and master skills are the keys to make it. Let's find out a story behind your potato Bugak!

Married to Yoon family of Papyeong, one of Korea's last-remaining nobles, Oh Heesook restored and developed the Bugak recipe. It has been carried along with the Yoon family generations by generations, for over a couple of hundred years! Devoting 30 years of her life to make the best Bugak in the world, she achieved the mastery of making the natural Korean chips. From selecting the best ingredients to brewing the paste base to frying with fresh oil, she puts efforts in every 14 steps in making Bugak. Even though the master always says "I just added care and love to nature", you'll notice a quality difference from your Sticky Rice Potato Bugak soon after a bite. A classy and healthy delight from Korea!


Naturally vegan, gluten-free and no additives, try this delicious chips in your SeoulBox. A classy gift from Korea is delivered straight to you!

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