To celebrate his birthday (December 4) Jin released a new music video also related to his passion for fishing, “Super Tuna”. The video went viral and reached an outstanding 14 million views on YouTube; as of today it has 19 million views and 3.3 million likes.

Super Tuna has also become a challenge that is going viral on social medias like Instagram and TikTok, you can check ours below:



If you noticed, in the video Jin and the dancers have attached some toys to their clothes, and since the music video released, fans are going crazy to gather their hands in one of them.

The toys are from the brand “BARK” and are dog toys from the collection “Under The Seams” and are currently sold by the American retail store Target.

Stacie Grissom, Director of Content and Communication for BARK told Rolling Stone: “We’ve got a ton of teammates who are big BTS fans, so we were completely shocked, delighted, and giddy at the realization that Jin used our toys in his video.”

She also added:

“We are certainly seeing the power of ARMY following our post; we have never had a Tweet about a product get this much engagement so quickly.”



ARMY are enjoying new toys:





Apparently BARKBOX’s CEO’s wife is also ARMY




You can get yours here.

Are you also getting one? If you do, please share your excitement with us!


Author: Aldo

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