Craze For Korean Food And Beverages

Craze For Korean Food And Beverages

We all know why South Korea is so famous these days, earlier it was famous for its high-level technology. With changing times the craze for K drama and K pop is skyrocketing, but Korean foods are also getting much attention these days all thanks to mouth-watering eating scenes in Korean dramas.

We bet 90% of nondrinkers are curious to know how exactly SOJU tastes!

Well without dragging much, let us share some foods and drinks of South Korea for which there is a huge craze among people


Bibimbap- If you know then you know! Well, Korean cuisine is incomplete without a dish called Bibimbap. It is a nutritious& filling dish that is widely available in all restaurants,  street markets , and food courts.


Tteokbokki- Highly popular street food, it is found almost everywhere you'll go in Korea. It is a traditional Korean street food that’s made with thick slices of boiled rice cake, fish cake, onions, diced garlic, salt, sugar, and assorted vegetables that are stir-fried in sweet red chili sauce.


Bulgogi- Meat lovers are drooling over this super tasty dish, which consists of thin slices of marinated beef sirloin that are cooked alongside sliced onions, green peppers, and garlic using a  burner having charcoal, which results in giving distinctive smoky flavor.


Banana Milk- Banana milk has a special place in the heart of all Korean as it is something that is attached to their childhood memories. Non-Korean love it too as it is our cutes idol Jungkook's favorite drink 😉


Makgeolli- Makgeolli is the oldest alcohol in Korea, while Soju or other drinks are clear Makgeolli is unfiltered and looks whitish in color. Mostly prefered by the old generation but all thanks to Hallyu and K Drama scenes recently makgeolli has made a comeback with younger generations as a fruit cocktail.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this blog. Do comment down below which one you wanna try badly!


By Barsha Rani Das

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