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Rumors or not we definitely want to see Kim Taehyung once again acting on the big screen!

BTS Kim Taehyung V in Squid Game


Is Kim Taehyung in Squid Game 2?

As it is of everyone’s knowledge, Netflix’s recent Korean series Squid Game took the world by surprise, becoming one of the streaming services biggest, generating millions of dollars for the company, and a huge fanbase.

Our Bangtan Boys are not the exception, they have declared themselves fans of the series, especially V.

We have seen them play some of the series games, including the “Dalgona Challenge”, showing their success or failure in the challenge.

On the recent online concert “Permission to Dance On Stage”, V began to recreate one of the scenes of the show and mimicked participant number 001, Oh Il-Nam, which lead to J-Hope laughing and so V at his own performance.



Adding all this and Kim Taehyung’s acting skills showed on “Run BTS”, ARMY wants to see him on the second season of the show produced by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, which stills need to be confirmed; their hype is so big that fans have made some edits of Kim in the Squid Game universe.










Earlier this year in an interview made by Brian Hiatt for Rolling Stone magazine,  he was asked about his acting future, to which he replied “It’s something that I’m thinking about after I turn 30”.

What do you think, would we be able to see him act anytime soon?


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