Controversial K-Dramas 2021

Controversial K-Dramas 2021

Being a K-drama fan we all know how exciting it feels when we hear about the comeback of my favorite oppas and we finally when the release date come nearer and you read the news like
“Lead Actor Got Replaced Due To Past Controversies”
“On Air Drama Got Cancelled Because Of Historical Controversies”
Yes! Seoulmates you read it right two most-awaited and top-rated drams faced controversies that led to such unwanted news. Those drams are:

  • Joseon Exorcist
    Storyline: This drama was based during the latter part of the 14th century, Where King Taejong abolished the Goryeon dynasty to establish the Kingdom of Joseon.  Few people were aware of the deal he made with foreign evil spirits (Non- Korean)—Later that evil spirit used his power to possess humans and turned then “Un-Death”. The king’ has two sons, Princes Chungnyung and Yangnyeong they are the main opposition of the spirit, each with a diverse purpose for standing in his way. They wanted to protect their kingdom. 
    We have watched only 2 episodes as none aired after that and we can say that this drama had the potential to be good but it was canceled prematurely due to historical controversies.


  • River Where the Moon Rises

  • Storyline: Princess Pyeong Gang is a lady with big aspirations and boundless ambition She ls born a princess but raised a soldier. Decided to become the first Empress of Goguryeo.  Later suddenly her life changed when she meets On Dal, a kind-hearted man whose sole goal in life is to live in harmony. He is the exact reverse of the princess. Both of them fall in love instead of their opposite nature. The story revolves around Pyeong Gang's hunt for power. What would she do to realize her goals, or will her love prove to be too much to pay. 
    Well, the main lead of this drama was Kim Ji Soo (On Dal) who played up to episode 6 then replaced with Na In Woo due to his past bullying scandal.

    What do you think about such decisions comment down below!

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