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While we're doing snack tasting one day, a snack grabbed our attention. Initially put aside as 'ground 2' as similar snack was already featured in July '19, the taste, the texture, the scent, the experience ... everything flipped the order. After writing a 5-star review, doing some background check, and contacting the master chief behind the amazing snack, SB team decided to feature it in August SeoulBox. The snack's name is 'Dosolchon Gwajul'.



Gwajul is a Korean pie with puffed rice dotted around. Gwajul in your Idol SeoulBox is expertly crafted by Dosolchon, a local snack maker in Jeju famous for its fresh-made Gwajuls with locally sourced fruits and rice.


Have been making Gwajul for 20 years, Oh Jeongja (picture above) only thinks about 'how to make the best Gwajul in the world'. Taste the exquisite snack made with care and love. Only available until 31st August.

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