Celebrating Pride Month with the Best Korean Snacks

Celebrating Pride Month with the Best Korean Snacks


Pride Month is a time to celebrate love, diversity, and the vibrant spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community. Hosting a Pride Month party is a perfect way to honor this occasion with friends and family. What better way to add a unique twist to your celebration than by incorporating some of the best Korean packaged snacks? Korean snacks are known for their delightful flavors, quirky packaging, and sheer variety. Here is a guide to some of the best Korean snacks that will make your Pride Month party unforgettable.



1. Choco Pie

    Choco Pie is a beloved Korean snack that is perfect for any celebration. These marshmallow-filled, chocolate-coated cakes are individually wrapped, making them easy to share. They come in various flavors, including classic chocolate, banana, and strawberry. The soft, sweet texture of Choco Pie is sure to be a hit with your guests.


    2. Pepero

      Pepero, similar to Pocky, are thin biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate and other flavors. They are available in various flavors like almond, cookies and cream, strawberry, and even cheese. The colorful and slender Pepero sticks add a playful touch to your snack table, and their delightful crunch makes them irresistible.


      3. Honey Butter Chips

        These chips took Korea by storm and remain a popular choice, being most K-Pop idol’s favorite snack. Honey Butter Chips combine the savory taste of potato chips with a sweet and buttery flavor. The unique taste is both addictive and satisfying, offering a perfect blend of sweet and salty that will keep your guests coming back for more.


        4. Binggrae Banana Milk

          While not a snack, Binggrae Banana Milk is a sweet beverage that is incredibly popular in Korea. It is creamy, slightly sweet, and has a distinct banana flavor. Serve it chilled for a refreshing drink option that complements the other sweet treats at your party.


          5. Shrimp Chips (Saewookkang)

            Shrimp Chips are a staple in Korean snacking. These crispy, airy chips have a subtle shrimp flavor that is not overpowering. They are perfect for munching and provide a great savory contrast to the sweeter snacks on the table.


            6. Tteokbokki Snacks

              Inspired by the popular Korean street food, these crunchy Tteokbokki chips mimic the spicy, chewy rice cakes known as Tteokbokki. They are flavored with a sweet and spicy sauce that captures the essence of the dish. These snacks are sure to intrigue and delight guests who enjoy a bit of heat.


              7. Honey Butter Almonds

                Honey Butter Almonds combine the rich flavor of almonds with the sweet and buttery taste of honey butter. These nuts are coated in a crunchy shell that packs a flavorful punch. They are not only delicious but also add a bit of protein to balance out the indulgent treats at your party.


                8. Yakgwa

                  Yakgwa is a traditional Korean honey cookie that is often enjoyed during celebrations. These deep-fried, flower-shaped cookies are made with honey, sesame oil, and ginger, offering a unique flavor profile. Yakgwa is both sweet and slightly savory, making it a delightful addition to your snack spread.


                  9. Ggultarae (Korean Court Cake)

                    Also known as Dragon’s Beard Candy, Ggultarae is made from honey and maltose and is filled with nuts or other sweet fillings. This traditional snack is known for its intricate preparation and delicate, thread-like appearance. It’s not only a tasty treat but also a fascinating talking point for your guests.


                    10. Chips Trio: Sweet Potato, Seaweed, and Wasabi

                      Korea offers a variety of unique flavored chips that can add a fun twist to your party. Consider creating a trio of sweet potato chips, seaweed chips, and wasabi chips. Each type offers a distinct flavor experience: the sweetness of sweet potato, the umami of seaweed, and the kick of wasabi.


                       Serving Suggestions

                      To make your Pride Month party even more special, consider these serving suggestions:


                      - Rainbow Snack Platter: Arrange the snacks on a large platter in a rainbow pattern to celebrate the vibrant LGBTQ+ flag. Group similar colored snacks together for a visually stunning effect.


                      - Individual Snack Packs: Create small snack packs for your guests. Use colorful bags or boxes and fill them with a mix of different snacks. This is a great way to ensure everyone gets a taste of each snack and adds a personal touch to your party.


                      - Themed Decorations: Decorate your snack table with Pride-themed decorations. Use rainbow-colored tablecloths, plates, and napkins. Add some fun elements like rainbow streamers, balloons, and Pride flags to set a festive mood.


                      - Drink Pairings: Complement your snacks with a variety of Korean drinks. Besides Binggrae Banana Milk, consider adding flavored soju, makgeolli (Korean rice wine), or sparkling water with a splash of fruit juice. These drinks will enhance the overall tasting experience.




                      Hosting a Pride Month party with the best Korean packaged snacks is a fantastic way to celebrate love, diversity, and unity. The unique flavors and textures of these snacks will delight your guests and add a special touch to your event. By incorporating themed decorations, engaging activities, and a vibrant atmosphere, your Pride Month party will be an unforgettable celebration of acceptance and joy. Remember, the most important aspect of Pride Month is to honor and support the LGBTQ+ community. Ensure your party is inclusive and welcoming to all, and use this opportunity to educate and spread awareness about LGBTQ+ rights and issues. With delicious snacks, fun activities, and a spirit of inclusivity, your Pride Month party is sure to be a hit.


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