Celebrating 10 Years with EXO! 

Celebrating 10 Years with EXO! 


April 8th, 2022, marks EXO's 10th anniversary since its debut in 2012! 

To celebrate such a memorable event, we would like to take a trip down to memory lane to commemorate such an event! 

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The group was formed under SM Entertainment and debuted as twelve members with their single Mama, followed by their EP Mama, released the next day. 

EXO was separated into two sub-groups, Exo-K and Exo-M. They were both promoted separately as one group performed in Korean and the other in Chinese. However, the twelve members are still promoted as one and sung mainly in Korean and Japanese. 

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The group won their first award on Music Bank in 2013 for their single Wolf. 

This broke endless opportunities for the group. EXO held the record for the most wins for their single Call Me Baby! They owned the title for four years with a total of 18 wins. 

The group also earned their entry into the Guinness Book of Records by having 23 Daesang's (grand prize) awards. 

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In 2017, an award was given to Exo as an honor for the group's public service recognition. Upon receiving the award, Suho mentioned that Exo will become performers that promote Korea and not only K-pop.

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Besides awards, Exo was the first K-pop group in 12 years to sell over one million album copies in 2013. In 2021, they were given the title of "Sextuple Million Sellers" as they sold over a million copies of six different albums. 

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In conclusion, Exo is the first-ever group that debuted in the 21st century to sell over 10 million albums cumulatively.

EXO released their first credited song in 2015, Promise, written by Lay, Chen, and Chanyeol as a gift to their fans. Since then, the group has been actively contributing to the production of their songs. 

They began their first tour in 2014; Exo Exoplanet #1 – The Lost Planet took place for 7 months in 8 different countries! Exo performed at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in South Korea to kick off their first world tour. 

They sold out in just 1.47 seconds for both dates, resulting in them adding an additional show in Seoul. 

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However, to celebrate its 10th Anniversary, Exo will be doing an offline and online fan meeting. It will be held at Jamsil Gymnasium on April 9th. 

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Lay released a song today with a short skit featuring the members speaking at the song's beginning. The song is to commemorate their journey together for the past ten years, as he mentioned in the lyrics, "There are nine stars in this universe that have fought in a battle, the planet is immortal".

He also revealed his departure from SM Entertainment on their anniversary. He thanked the staff of SM for their endless help in a handwritten letter and told the members that he would be there whenever they needed him. Fans believe he will always be part of EXO even if he is not in the company anymore. 

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Luhan, however, released a clip of his growth with Exo. Although he left the group in 2014, Luhan still cherished the moments spent with the group. The clip contained memories of him from 2012 right up to this year, which brought fans to reminisce on the bittersweet memories. 

It has been a bumpy but memorable ride for the members of Exo. We are happy to see them come so far and reach this milestone.

Happy 10 Years Exo, we will be with you till the end!

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