Can we rent a Korean Oppa in Seoul? All about renting system

Can we rent a Korean Oppa in Seoul? All about renting system

Renting a Korean Oppa:

Disclaimer: Since 2020 the service to rent an Oppa seems to be unavailable, due to COVID-19, on 2019 their services were temporary suspended until further notice, we will keep you posted of any changes.

Meanwhile you can learn a bit more about this unique Korean culture.

If you are new to K-dramas, K-pop and Korean culture in general or simple not familiar with the term ‘Oppa’ don’t worry about it, we have everything you need to know about it on this blog.

Probably the first time you heard this word was 9 years ago in 2012 when PSY the hit wonder Gangnam Style, which as of today has 4.3 billion views.

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Oppa (오빠) which literally means ‘big brother’ is a term used by women to address to their brother, older men, a friend, and a romantic partner. This term has also been adopted by K-pop fans and refer their affection to their favourite idol.

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Can I use the word Oppa?

Yes, you can, but you need to follow four simple rules to use it in a correct way:

  • Can only be used by women
  • Use it with men from your same generation (born on the same year) or men born years later
  • Not a word for formal use
  • Use it with people near you (brothers, friends, boyfriend) the only exception are idols

Did you know you can rent an Oppa?

There is a renting system mostly designed for tourists (mostly from England, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand) in which you can chose from several Korean men, that will give you a tour around the city, talk with you, take pictures and why not, visit cafes or simply just to make you company.

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Apparently, everything began as a joke, but their expectations were surpassed, The Korean Herald interview Lee Joon Woo, CEO of Winwincook and former Oppa of Oh My Oppa, this was his reaction:

“We thought we would present tourists with men we can be proud of. Although it was a joke at first, we followed up with an actual website, and the social media reaction has been beyond our expectations.”

How to rent an Oppa?

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It is not difficult at all, 'Oh My Oppa' is the site you want to visit, they were the pioneers introducing this service in South Korea. On their website you get to choose your Oppa, you need to know that they are not professional tour guides, but are friendly, happy, and willing to help enjoy your trip to the fullest; is like traveling with a friend minus the fee.

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You have the option to choose your favorite Oppa based on interests, looks, personality and language (have in mind not all speak English and ones that do, can be at a basic level). Choose your handsome Korean Oppa wisely.

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After checking the Oppa tour, you are then prompted to select a date and check availability through their booking service, with these two steps in order now all you must do is to check out and you are all set, time to enjoy your Korean friend!

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All this comes with a fee that goes around $70 to $150, depending on who you chose how many hours.

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Renting an Oppa in 2022

As of today, Oh My Oppa website and YouTube channels appear to be offline, and on their Facebook and Instagram account their last update let their followers know the tour booking being temporary closed due to COVID-19.

This was posted on 2020 and since then no other update has been made.

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We will keep you posted with any update if the service comes back online or any other alternatives

A short video on how a day with an Oppa is:

How do you feel about this service, would you consider renting an Oppa on your trip to Korea? Let us know below!

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