BTS x Free Fire Skins Revealed!

BTS x Free Fire Skins Revealed!


On February, it was announced a collaboration between BTS and Garena’s popular Battle Royal Game, Free Fire. You can read our blog here. At that moment, not many details were shared with the fans, we could just speculate what content this collab would bring to the game.

Now, it’s been presented to us more details, for this collab BTS’ idols each got to design a skin that will be introduced to the game, that can be obtained by exchanging ‘BTS Crystals.’ This Event will be live from March 25 to April 15.

Here are the sketches made by BTS and a In-game preview on how they look!

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

From March 23, you can login to the game for Series #1 of exclusive vending machine and airdrop skins event.

More surprises are coming along the way.

You will be able to see BTS members play the game. A teaser video has been shared. Stay tunned in the next few days for BTS Variety Show – Free Fire X BTS.

Which skin are you loving the most? Share below with us!

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